Syracuse Herald American- ‘Red’ Rocha Is Returning To Nationals

The Syracuse Nationals basketball squad has been bolstered by the return of Ephraim “Red” Rocha, 30, to the pro cage sport. Rocha informed the Nats officials he would accept terms, but would be forced to report to practice a week late on Oct. 7. Coach Al Cervi and general manager Leo Ferris were delighted at the Rocha decision. Several times last year the manager attempted to persuade Rocha to quit retirement. His signing gives the Nats strength in the height department that could match most clubs in the loop. Rookie John Kerr, Wally Osterkorn and Jim Neal are under contract while Dolph Schayes and Earl Lloyd are holdouts but expected to agree to terms before the season starts. Rocha told Ferris in the telephone conversation that he had been working out for a week in gymnasiums in his hometown, Silver Springs, Md., and would continue the drills until he leaves for Syracuse.

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