Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats Basketeers Will Report Sept. 30

6 Rookies To Receive Hoop Tests; Schayes, Gabor Outside Fold

Six unsigned rookies have been invited to attend opening practice of the Syracuse Nationals basketball team Sept. 30 at Manlius School gymnasium. Coach Al Cervi will assemble the 1954 Nat aggregation at noon for a short talk, to be followed by a clambake with stockholders before settling down to actual drills. The six candidates invited to participate in the drills on a look-see basis are: Dan Solinsky, ex-St. Bonaventure teammate of Bill Kenville; Jack Davidson of California U.; Fletcher Johnson, Duquesne; Bobby Myers, Chicago; Bill Hoffer, West Virginia, and Rudy Valenzi of Utica. They will join with signed rookies Johnny Kerr and Dick Farley of Illinois, and Ken McBride, recently released from the Army. Regulars already under contract and due to report for the initial season include: Paul Seymour, George King, Wally Osterkorn, Jim Neal, Al Masino and Kenville. Dolph Schayes, Bill Gabor and Earl Lloyd are presently listed as holdouts. If they have not agreed to terms by the opening session they will not be allowed to drill with the squad. Schayes and Gabor are due for conferences with Leo Ferris, general manager, this week. Lloyd has been in telephone negotiations with Ferris.

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