Syracuse Herald Journal- Rothman Will Play Syracuse Basketball

Lew Spicer and Bob Nugent today had company on the roster of the Syracuse National Basketball League team. George Mingin, team manager, is said to have signed 10 or 12 men and to be negotiating with 15 more, all being due to report in Syracuse, soon after Oct. 1 for a month of conditioning work. One of the finest players rounded up is Lester Rothman, a forward, who is 6 feet 2½ inches tall and weighs 195 pounds, who originally starred for Long Island University where he had a 27-point among other outstanding feats. Rothman is only 22 years old and played American League games with the Paterson Crescents last year but refused to make long road trips for exhibition games and therefore did not play with the Crescents in Syracuse. Ben Borgmann, Syracuse coach, says Rothman is his choice for outstanding honors in the American League last year and he regards him as certain to star. John Gee has pledged his word to Mingin he will play with Syracuse if he plays pro basketball this winter. George ViJacich, 6 feet, 8-inch center, first for Kentucky and then L.I.U., a 220-pounder, and Mike Wallace of Sampson, PA, a protégé of Mingin, who scouted central Pennsylvania last winter, have also been signed. Dan Biasone, Mingin’s partner in basketball promotion, is the unhappiest man in town, following his return from Chicago. Danny brought one of the veteran stars of the National League, conditionally, making the reservation that he be given five days in which to sign the player. The basketeers was contacted and he demanded a $12,000 a year salary, with expenses, and Dan fainted. Biasone and Mingin say they are willing to spend $100,000, if necessary, for their basketball schedule of 44 league games and exhibitions but they are also quick to admit they can’t see $12,000 as one player’s salary.

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