Able, Forest

Abramovic, John

Barnett, Dick

Beck, Ernie

Bianchi, Al

Biasone, Danny

Borgmann, Bennie

Butler, Charlie

Cable, Barney

Calabrese, Gerry

Calihan, Bob

Cervi, Al

Chaney, John

  • Louisiana Association of Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame
  • Zachary High School Hall of Fame

Chappell, Len

Chollet, Leroy

Conlin, Ed

Corley, Ray

Costello, Larry

Dierking, Connie

Dugger, Jack

Earle, Ed

Farley, Dick

Gabor, Billy

Gambee, Dave

Gee, Johnny

Govedarica, Bato

Graboski, Joe

Greer, Hal

Hannum, Alex

Harrison, Bobby

Hennessy, Larry

  • Westchester Sports Hall of Fame

Holup, Joe

Homer, Jim

Hopkins, Bob

Kenville, Billy

Kerr, Johnny "Red"

King, George

Knostman, Dick

Lavoy, Bob

Levane, Fuzzy

Lloyd, Earl

Lochmueller, Bob

Lofgran, Don

Macknowski, Johnny

Masino, Al

Meehan, John "Chick"

Meriwether, Porter

Moore, Jackie

Neal, Jim

Neumann, Paul

  • Stanford University Hall of Fame

Novak, Mike

Nugent, Bob

O'Keeffe, Hank

O'Shaughnessy, Bob

Osborne, Chuck

Palazzi, Togo

Peterson, Ed

Ramsey, Cal

  • Basketball Old Timers of America Hall of Fame
  • Bob Douglas Community Service Hall of Fame
  • Brooklyn USA Hall of Fame
  • Holcombe Rucker Basketball Hall of Fame
  • New York University Hall of Fame - Ramsey
  • NYC Sports Hall of Fame

Ray, Jim

Rocha, Red

Savage, Don

Schayes, Dolph

Scolari, Freddie

Selvy, Frank

Seymour, Paul

Shaddock, Bob

Shaffer, Lee

Smawley, Belus

Walker, Chet

Yardley, George

Yesawich, Paul

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