Syracuse Herald Journal- Schayes Drilling Daily At Y.M.C.A. Gymnasium

Although the Syracuse Nationals and Dolph Schayes are seemingly far apart in contract negotiations, the big fellow is conditioning at the Y.M.C.A. daily. Leo Ferris, Nats general manager, asserts Schayes has been given a final offer and the club has no intention of revising his contract. Ferris said: “Schayes’ demands are unreasonable and beyond the limits of the financial structure of the Nats organization as well as beyond the limits in comparison with other teams within the National Basketball Association.” Dolph admits there is “quite a difference in our salary view-points,” but feels he is not unfair in his demands. Schayes, explaining the daily drills at the Y.M.C.A. said: “I know I’m usually in poor shape in early season and need plenty of work, so I have set myself a schedule which calls for at least two and sometimes three workouts a day.”

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