Syracuse Herald Journal- Borgmann Sends Eight To Uticans

The Utica basketball team of the New York State League had eight new players on its roster today after Bennie Borgmann made his first cut of the season with the Syracuse National’s entry in the National League. Among those optioned to Utica was Stan Kruze, former Syracuse University regular who will stay in Syracuse to coach the St. John the Baptist team in the Parochial League. Others released yesterday by Borgmann were James Clarke, Syracuse; Dale Wells, Avon; Stan Pelezarski, Pittsburgh; Bernie Hoffman, Jasper, Ind.; Harold Anderson, Munsing, Mich.; Mark Marlaire, Illinois, and Ted Wybernac, Jamestown. The squad has moved to the Y.M.C.A. for drills this week and instead of two hour sessions twice a day the drills are now on a three-hour basis just once a day. Owner Dan Biasone plans to take the squad to Schenectady Thursday night to witness an exhibition game between the Chicago Gears and the Rochester five so that his players may gain some idea of what to expect during the season.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Kerr Shines As Nats Win 6th In Row

With the exhibition season concluded following a 103-87 victory over the Baltimore Bullets in Spartansburg, S.C., the Syracuse Nationals today await the opening of the National Basketball Association pennant race here tomorrow night. Jim Neal played in his final game for the Nats and accounted for 15 points against the Bullets. He had been told he would be cut from the squad following the exhibition on his alma mater Wofford College floor. The Nats are attempting to sell Neal to the Bullets and if unsuccessful will place him on a waiver prior to handing him an outright release. In winning all six pre-season tilts the Nats averaged 96.67 points per game while the opposition accounted for 87. Four times the Nats exceeded 100 points per game. High scorer for Syracuse was Johnny Kerr with 18 points. his production was matched by Frank Selvy of Baltimore. The Nats were in front throughout. First home game for the Nats will be against Minneapolis Sunday night. The Lakers open in New York tomorrow. SYRACUSE: King (5-1-11), Schayes (4-3-11), Seymour (6-0-12), Farley (3-2-8), Rocha (1-0-2), Neal (7-1-15), Gabor (6-3-15), Kenville (3-0-6), Osterkorn (3-0-6), Kerr (7-3-17) TOTALS (45-13-103). BALTIMORE: Henrickson (3-0-6), Hoffman (6-0-12), Selvy (4-10-18), Roges (3-0-6), Slaughter (1-3-5), Simmons (3-0-6), Houbregs (4-3-11), King (1-0-2), Tehaonick (2-0-4), McGuire (3-0-6), Smyth (4-3-11) TOTALS (34-19-87). Score at halftime- Syracuse 59, Baltimore 42. Free throws missed- Syracuse: Schayes, Farley 3, Neal. Baltimore: Henrickson, Selvy 3, Roges, Simmons, McGuire 2, Smyth. Attendance- 1,400 paid.

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