Syracuse Herald American- Syracuse Signs Tallest Pro Basketeer

Ahrens, at 6 Feet, 11½ Is Hired; Arrives For Basketball Duty

Dick Ahrens of Oil City, Pa., the tall man of pro basketball, yesterday signed a contract to play with the Syracuse five in the National Basketball League. Ahrens stands 6 feet 11½ inches tall, is a former Long Island University basketeer and of late has played with strong independent professional clubs of Pittsburgh, Washington and his home city. He is a protégé of Lou Zara, business manager of the Syracuse club, who says Syracuse had to bid high to beat out three other clubs of the National and area owners leagues. Ahrens will be in the squad that reports Monday to start practice for the year at the Armory. Coach Bennie Borgmann arrived this morning to take charge of practice.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Johnny Kerr Joins Stars At Chicago

John Kerr, rookie center of the Syracuse Nats, will not be with the team for its exhibition with the New York Knicks at Oneida tomorrow night, and will oppose his Syracuse teammates when the College All-Americans invade the War Memorial Sunday night. Kerr is in Chicago with the College All-Stars for the game against the championship Minneapolis Lakers in the Windy City tonight. Tomorrow he plays against the Lakers at Minneapolis. The collegians will be kept busy flying to New York to oppose the Knicks in an afternoon-night double-header Saturday, then coming on to Syracuse to face the Nats Sunday night and winding up their tour at Boston against the Celtics Monday. Most members of the College All-Star squad are candidates for teams within the N.B.A. indications are the Nats are attempting to place Al Masino with the Baltimore Bullets or Milwaukee Hawks.

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