Syracuse Herald Journal- 4 Dropped By Nationals

After two workouts Coach Al Cervi has released Jack Davidson of U.C.L.A., Dan Solinsky of St. Bonaventure, Bob Mayes of Chicago, and Bill Bailey of Mississippi State, players trying out with basketball Nationals. Rookies remaining are Sid Dawson of Michigan, Fletcher Johnson of Duquesne, Dick Farley of Indiana, Ken McBride of Maryland Teachers, John Kerr of Illinois, along with holdovers Jim Neal, Wally Osterkorn, Earl Lloyd, George King, Paul Seymour, Bill Gabor, Al Masino and Bill Kenville are working out at Manlius. Dolph Schayes is still a holdout. Red Rocha will report Oct. 7.


Syracuse Post Standard- Kerr Accepts Nats' Terms

Long John Kerr, who was a key man in the title drive of 1954-55 as a rookie, came to terms for his third season with the Syracuse Nationals yesterday as Al Cervi's holdovers joined the rookies in training at the Manlius School gymnasium. The gay young giant from Chicago arrived in town Saturday with mixed emotions. His father-in-law wants him to forego basketball for a place in his trucking firm and Johnny was thinking seriously of going right back to the proposition. However, he came to terms with President Danny Biasone emthusiastically and entered into training with a zest. Kerr, former U. of Illinois star, is back to his rookie weight after having been far under his normal poundage last season. Kerr was a standout the season before last but didn't measure up to that standard last year altho he scored 961 points and grabbed 607 rebounds. Ed Conlin and Bill Kenville are balking at contract terms. They began practice yesterday with the others, but will not be permitted to go with the team to Plattsburgh Thursday if they are not under contract. The Nats will play Rochester Friday and Saturday and will reside in PLattsburgh several days before training. Lanky Johnny Hogan, who was Fort Wayne's No. 1 draft choice pick from Dayton a year ago but failed to stay with the Pistons, decided to end his bid for a job with the Nats yesterday. Dick Kenyon, LeMoyne star who took time off from a New York job to try out did not appear yesterday.

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