Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats Invade Poughkeepsie For Opener

Coach Al Cervi led his Syracuse Nationals cagers through another long workout at the Manlius School gymnasium today as the squad prepared for its first exhibition encounter of the season against New York at Poughkeepsie tomorrow night. Most of the Nats appeared in good physical condition and Cervi intends to use all players during the pre-season games. He is particularly anxious to test some of the rookies under fire for he must cut four men prior to the season opener. Cervi told an Exchange Club luncheon gathering he thinks the club has a good chance to win the championship. Minor changes in rules were explained by President Dan Biasone which will reduce the penalty for a seventh personal foul during any quarter, and which will allow defensive players to knock the ball out of bounds without giving the attacking team a full 24 seconds to take a new shot. The Nats today revealed Bob Pettit, ex-Louisiana State scoring champion, had agreed to join the college stars for the test against the Nats Oct. 24. Others in the fold include Togo Palazzi, John Kerr, Cliff Hagan, Frank Ramsey, Larry Costello, Mel Besdin and Billy Jenkins.

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