Syracuse Herald Journal- Besdin Joins All-Stars To Oppose Nats

The Syracuse Nationals training camp roster has been reduced to 12 men with the exhibition schedule slated to open Saturday at Poughkeepsie. If, and when Dolph Schayes signs a pact, three of the squad must be dropped or traded. Fletcher Johnson, basketeer from Duquesne who was released, headed for Baltimore to report as a free agent. Veterans Jim Neal and Al Masino along with rookies John Kerr, Dick Farley and Ken McBride are battling for two open posts on the club. Red Rocha, Billy Kenville, Wally Osterkorn, Earl Lloyd, Paul Seymour, George King and Bill Gabor seemed assured of retention. The probable array of All-Americans to face the Nats Oct. 24 may be chosen from the following: Togo Palazzi, Holy Cross; Frank Ramsey and Cliff Hagan, Kentucky; Dick Rosenthal, Notre Dame; Tom Marshall, Western Kentucky; Frank Selvy, Furman; Bob Pettit, L.S.U.; Kerr; Mel Besdin, Syracuse, and Billy Jenkins, LeMoyne. They have received special invitations to participate. Besdin became the first to accept a bid. Selvy, Pettit, Ramsey, Palazzi, Hagan, Marshall, Rosenthal and Kerr are regarded as practical certainties since they have agreed to compete in a twin bill against the New York Knicks the day before the Syracuse game. Jenkins is in service and is seeking leave to participate under the coaching of his former mentor, Tom Niland of LeMoyne who accepted the coaching job.

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