Syracuse Herald- Tormey To Play With All-Syracuse

Jim Tormey, former star forward of the Georgetown University basketball quintet, yesterday joined the All-Syracuse five. Manager Wilber Crisp is elated over the addition of Tormey to his crack string of basketball tossers. Aside from playing with several winning teams during the past few years, Tormey has coached the Assumption Catholic Union quintet. Under his instruction the team has made a good record.

Syracuse Post Standard- Tormey Joins All-Syracuse Court Stars

All-Around Athlete To Play With Crisp’s Strong Team

Jim Tormey, one of the greatest all-around athletes Syracuse has developed in a decade, yesterday signed to play with the All-Syracuse basketball quintet during the 1919-1920 season, according to Manager Wilber Crisp. Tormey probably is one of the best known basket tossers in this section of the country. Tormey played with the Georgetown University quintet for three years and was regarded as one of the most accurate shooters in the big colleges during his career. Since leaving college Tormey has been playing with various teams and his work has been of a high order. He is tall and rangy and possesses an uncanny ability in shooting baskets or warding off the efforts of opponents. For the past three seasons Tormey has devoted considerable attention to the coaching of amateur teams and his work as instructor of the Assumption Catholic Union quintet has attracted much attention. Manager Crisp intends to use Tormey either at center of forward. His addition to the team leaves but one position vacant. Schwarzer has been secured to jump center, Rafter will play one of the forwards with Tormey at the other front line job, while Crisp will play a guard. Crisp is now looking for the services of another guard and probably will make an announcement within the next few days. The first home game of the season will be played at the State Armory on December 2 with the powerful Kodaks of Rochester furnishing the opposition. The Kodaks are rated as one of the best teams in this section of the country.

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