Auburn Citizen- All Set For Court Duel

Art Powell of Buffalo or Benzoni of Rochester will be the eleventh man on the floor when the Owasco Canoe Club five stacks up against Jim Tormey’s All-Stars of Syracuse this evening on the State Armory court. Either one of these referees is fully versed in all departments of the game and both have made a big hit with local fandom, particularly Benzoni. That the big drill hall will be packed to capacity is a surety judging from the extraordinary demand for reservations. Local enthusiasts have been clamoring to see Tormey, Rafter and Casey in action here and at last they are about to have their desires appeased. Tormey and his squad which besides Rafter and Casey is made up of Barsha and Simons are eager for the setto and will leave nothing undone to cop the laurels, particularly so as it would be a big feather in their hat to down the Canoeists for the drubbing they administered to Wilbur Crisp and his basketeers here last Tuesday. The fans can hardly wait for the battle to start for it has all the earmarks of being the most sensational ever staged here. The Paddlers had a stiff practice last evening and all the boys showed real class. With Rafter and Casey on the floor it is figured that the local guards will have the battle of their lives. Larry Weltman will also have a hard struggle as he will be pitted against Tormey who will jump center. Tormey’s outfit might well be called the All-Syracuse outfit, for only Crisp is lacking. Rafter was the best point getter for Syracuse in field goals.

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