Niagara Falls Gazette- From Slants On Sport By Bob Lowe

Syracuse Nationals Hope Duffy Is Another Kenville As Pro

Although mid-summer and its traditional hot weather seem to be a poor time to talk basketball—unless you're in the vicinity of Purple Eagle cage coach Taps Gallagher, for example, who has made the court game an around-the-calendar career for the last 21 years at Monteagle Ridge—the Syracuse Nationals of the National Basketball Assn. have shouldered into the baseball, golf, etc., picture with the announcement that Mal Duffy, St. Bonaventure University scoring ace, has signed with 1955-56. Syracuse, mindful that Billy Kenville, the first player in St. Bona's court history to score over 1,000 points, was a vital cog in the Nationals' successful campaign of last winter, took on Duffy as another future pro star. A special ruling issued by Asa Bushnell of the ECAC prevented Duffy from playing another collegiate season with the Brown Indians next year. Duffy, a well-built six-footer, attended Seton Hall for one year before transferring to the Olean institution. The ruling by Bushnell stated that a student must complete three years of varsity eligibility within five years of his original registration as a collegiate student. Duffy held the single season scoring record at St. Bona with 507 points last season and his 23-point average was the best ever for a Brown Indian. He wound up with more than 1,000 points as his career total. With Kenville and Duffy at Syracuse and Eddie Fleming of Niagara lined up with the Rochester Royals, Western New York collegiate fans will be following the pro court campaign with additional interest in 1955-56.

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