Syracuse Post Standard- Ogdensburg Team Ready For Battle With All-Syracuse

North Country Champions Will Prove Stubborn Foe

Basketball supremacy will be at stake tonight when the undefeated All-Syracuse quintet plays the Company I five of Ogdensburg, champions of Northern New York, at the State Armory and followers of the court game, who have followed the fortunes of Captain Jim Tormey and his mates will be out in force to witness the contest, which bids fair to develop the most stirring contest of the season to date. In anticipation of a strenuous contest the members of the All-Syracuse team went through a long practice last night. New combinations to be used against the invaders were rehearsed and every effort will be made to send the visitors down the road to defeat which other opponents of the local team have been forced to take. Manager Wilbur Crisp of the All-Syracuse team announced last night that he had made arrangements to play two games each week, beginning next Saturday night, when the strong Knights of Columbus five of Utica will oppose the locals at the State Armory. The Ogdensburg five will reach the city early this morning. Their manager, Thomas McNally, reports his men in fine condition and confident of giving the Syracuse five a hard struggle. The teams will line up as follows for the main game:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Tormey (capt) rf, Rafter, lf, Schwarzer, c, Casey, lg, Crisp, rg. OGDENSBURG: McNally, rf, Clouthier, lf, Ladoucer, c, Farrand, lg, Cody, rg.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats To Play Lakers Again Tomorrow

Syracuse Suffers Second Home Loss

The Minneapolis Lakers may not be driving toward another National Basketball Association pennant, but they again demonstrated superiority over the Syracuse Nationals with a convincing 117-106 triumph here last night. It marked the second time in War Memorial history that Syracuse dropped two straight home decisions. Minneapolis has now beaten the Nats in four of five games this season including two triumphs here. The 117 points was the largest ever registered against a Syracuse team in regulation play, and is an all-time high for visiting teams at the Memorial. The Nats were a thoroughly beaten team as they departed today for Minneapolis to meet the Lakers tomorrow night. A Sunday game at Milwaukee follows and then another start against the Lakers is due at Grand Forks, N.D. Tuesday. There were few chances for the year’s smallest turnout of 1,908 fans to cheer. Even the fact Dolph Schayes tallied 40 points, to come within a single counter of equaling his all-time high, failed to impress. Dolph was one of the chief defensive offenders as Vern Mikkelsen and Dick Schnittker counted on easy shots. Inept shooting and poor ball handling hampered the Syracusans. A meeting of the Nats finance committee has agreed to the appointment of Robert Sexton, publicity director, to the post of business manager with an increase in salary. Dan Biasone will continue to supervise club activities as president and Joe Pitanza, accountant, will become office manager. Paul Seymour left for Minneapolis ahead of his mates. He is still suffering from a perforated eardrum which is draining and medics have ruled out air travel for a few more days. Dolph Schayes will be the Syracuse player representative and Vern Mikkelsen will represent Minneapolis on the player negotiations committee when it meets with Maurice Podoloff in New York. Even players chuckle when they talk of the request to prevent playing both Saturdays and Sundays for they realize they are “bread and butter days” to the clubs.

MINNEAPOLIS: Pollard (4-5-13), Mikkelsen (9-6-24), Schnittker (4-7-15), Holstein (5-2-12), Lovelette (7-2-16), Kalafat (0-1-1), Skoog (6-0-12), Martin (5-3-13), Sunderlage (2-5-9), Watson (1-0-2) TOTALS (43-31-117). SYRACUSE: Schayes (13-14-40), Rocha (8-2-18), Simmons (1-0-2), Lloyd (0-5-5), Kerr (3-1-7), Seymour (3-5-11), King (2-1-5), Kenville (5-4-14), Farley (1-2-4) TOTALS (36-34-106).

Score at halftime- Minneapolis 54, Syracuse 36.


Auburn Citizen Adevertiser- Syracuse Nats Beat Warriors

Paul Arizin, one of the National Basketball Association's most proficient scorers, keeps right on rolling along, but his Philadelphia Warriors teammates can't seem to pick up the cue this season. Arizin, who led the loop in field goals last season, is popping 'em in in accustomed style again this season. The six-four veteran canned 27 points Sunday night, but the Warriors, who rode to the loop championship last year, took it on the chin again, dropping a 128-122 decision to the streaking Syracuse Nationals. The loss dropped Philadelphia four full games in back of the Eastern Division pace setting Boston Celtics, who defeated the Fort Wayne Pistons, 112-92. The New York Knickerbockers defeated the Minneapolis Lakers, 111-101, and the Rochester Royals downed the St. Louis Hawks, 92-86 in other games.

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