Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats Home Thursday To Combat Anderson

The next attempt of the Syracuse Nationals basketball team to advance in the league standings is scheduled to take place at the Jefferson St. Armory Thursday night when the Nats oppose the high scoring Anderson Packers. Anderson now occupies second place in the Western Division pennant chase and may be in first spot before the Thursday game here as it faces the leading Indianapolis team on Tuesday. A win over Indianapolis would put Anderson in the lead. Syracuse has been victorious in its last three home starts defeating Detroit, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis in that order. Thursday’s game will be the first meeting of Syracuse and Anderson this year, and Benny Borgmann hopes to keep the Nats winning streak alive. Leading the Anderson team to Syracuse will be Coach Murray Mendenhall who is in his first year with the team. The most publicized player on the squad is Howie Schultz who also plays first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers of the Nationals Baseball League. Schultz is leading scorer for the Packers having dropped in 151 points for his first 13 games of the club. Another member of the visitors who has averaged 10 points per game is Rollie Seltz who co-captained the Hamline University team with Schultz in collegiate days. The Packers scored 760 points in 13 games for an average of 58.5 points per game for the highest average in the loop. Thursday’s game will be the first National League start for Syracuse since the Indianapolis game but the squad was intact for an exhibition schedule through the east this week.

Syracuse Nats Down Hartford Hartford, Conn- Staving off a late rally of their rivals, the Syracuse Nationals defeated the Hartford professional basketball team, 72-65, Sunday in an exhibition contest. The Nats won by the same score over Coach Ben Borgmann’s hometown Paterson Crescents Saturday at Paterson, N.J.


Utica Daily Press- Nats Capture 15th Straight At Home

Blackhawks Beaten In 4th Quarter

Syracuse--The Syracuse Nationals had to come through with a red-hot fourth period last night to down the Tri-City Blackhawks, 82 to 73, for their 15th straight home court victory in the National Basketball Association. The Blackhawks were ahead by 60 to 55 in the early moments of the third period, but the Nats came out of the final session with a 27 to 18 scoring advantage and their fourth win in as many meetings with the Midwesterners. Player-Coach Al Cervi scored 18 points to lead the Eastern Division leaders in their 26th victory in 30 starts. Marko Todorovich bucketed 17 for the losers. The score:

SYRACUSE: Cervi, f (7-4-18), Macknowski, f (4-1-9), Gabor, f (5-4-14), Corley, f (0-0-0), Hannum, c (3-0-6), Peterson, c (1-0-2), Seymour, g (2-1-5), Schayes, g (3-5-11), Ratkovicz, g (5-5-15), Levane, g (1-0-2) TOTALS (31-20-82). TRI-CITY: Eddleman, f (5-0-10), Todorovich, f (7-3-17), Perkins, f (0-0-0), Otten, c (3-8-14), Mahnken, c (2-1-5), Gibson, g (2-3-7), Weir, g (1-2-4), Ray, g (1-0-2), Kirk, g (3-7-13), Von Neida, g (0-1-1) TOTALS (24-25-73).


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats Play Lakers As Ferris Steps Down

Minneapolis Champs Visit Here Tonight; Directors Accept Leo’s Resignation

Internal disturbances settled at least for the time being, the Syracuse Nationals basketball squad tonight planned a royal reception for the Minneapolis Lakers in a league game at the War Memorial. Coach John Kundla’s Midwesterners enjoy a 3-1 advantage in series play with the Nats this season. The clubs will be rivals again Saturday in Minneapolis and next Tuesday in Minot, N.D.. Meanwhile, affairs of the Syracuse club are under supervision of President Dan Biasone following acceptance of Leo Ferris’ resignation at a special meeting of board of directors last night. Joseph K. Schwarzer, chairman, announced the official acceptance in the following statement: “The board of directors has regretfully accepted the resignation of Mr. Ferris effective Jan. 10, and wishes him every success in his future endeavors.” All of the 15 directors with the exception of Tom Smith were present at the special meeting in the Onondaga Hotel. Smith was unable to attend due to an ankle fracture. No announcement was given as to the actual vote but it was learned authoritatively that nine members voted to accept the resignation while two voted against acceptance. Chairman Schoeneck, Jr., did not arrive until after ballots had been collected. Schwarzer insisted that no further action had been taken to appoint a successor to Ferris who served as general manager for $15,000 salary. This left matters in the hands of Biasone as president. He has agreed to run affairs for the balance of the season. Today Biasone indicated that Coach Al Cervi will be given additional duties, heretofore handled within the business office in relation to travel and accommodations. Members of special committees will also become more active, all serving without pay, in an effort to rescue the club from early season losses. Player personnel will be left in Cervi’s hands. It will be his job to make draft selections. Cervi welcomed the additional duties. Ferris accepted the decision of the board in good spirits. He stated again in their presence his reasons for deciding to resign, and left the door open for reconsideration providing differences between him and some of the directors were ironed out. After leaving his post as of Jan. 10, Ferris intends complete work on promotional publications. He said he would retain his post as a member of the club’s board of directors and retain his stock. He has been with the Nats since 1949. Cervi plans only one lineup change tonight. He expects to start Dick Farley in place of George King. “We’ll probably move Farley into the pivot to work on Slater Martin,” Cervi said. This will also prevent Martin from starting the Lakers fast break attack.

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