Syracuse Herald Journal- Leo Ferris’ Resignation May Be Accepted Tonight

Basketball Board Goes Into Session; Meet Tonight To Vote On Executive

Members of the Syracuse Nationals board of directors meet tonight at the Onondaga Hotel to act upon the resignation of Leo Ferris as club general manager. An informal poll of directors indicates the resignation will be accepted, and that the post which carried a $15,000 salary will be left vacant in an economy move. Several of the board favoring acceptance of Ferris’ resignation have indicated that Robert Sexton, publicity director, will be given additional office duties with Dan Biasone to be designated as club representative at league functions. Those favoring the economy move point out that club expenses have increased $32,000 this season due to salary raises for players, injury expenses and the hiring of a general manager. This amounts to $1,000 additional cost per home game compared to last year. One director says it has been estimated that it is necessary to receive $6,700 per home game to break even at the present rate of expenses. Ferris submitted his resignation last week and cited several differences of opinions with some members of the board of directors as reasons for the move. He requested the resignation be effective Jan. 10 or thereabouts, but some believe he will retain the post if the differences can be ironed out. Even if the resignation is accepted Ferris has indicated he will remain in Syracuse promotional field and retain his $10,000 worth of stock as well as his post on the club’s board of directors. He is also engaged in promoting an advertising magazine to be entitled “Syracuse Entertainment and Sports Guide.” He says it will go to the printers in two weeks.

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