Buffalo Evening News- Orioles Will Have To Step For Syracuse

Central New York Champions Strengthening Already Fast Lineup For Thursday’s Title Game Here

Danny Martin, former Syracuse University sensation, has been added to the roster of the All-Syracuse basketball team and will play at left forward when the down state aggregation meets the Buffalo Orioles at Broadway auditorium Thursday night. Martin is regarded as one of the fastest forwards and most accurate basket tossers in the country and he will keep either of the Miller brothers busy from whistle to whistle. The acquisition of Martin means that Jim Tormey, the stalwart ex-captain of All-Syracuse combination, will be shifted to center. Tormey has been playing at forward but is a natural center and played that position for three years at Georgetown University. The All-Syracuse team now holds the basketball championship of Northern, Central and Eastern New York. They won the former title by defeating Ogdensburg 10 to 3 in the presence of nearly 2,500 spectators three weeks ago. Two weeks ago they captured the Central New York title by decisively defeating the Mohawks, one of the most stubborn foes the Orioles ever had, before one of the largest crowds that ever saw a basketball game in this section of the country. The score was 20 to 17 but the victors completely outclassed the Mohawk five in all departments of the game. A big delegation of Syracuse basketball fans will accompany the All-Syracuse quintet, champions of Central, Eastern and Northern New York, to Buffalo next Thursday night when the down state combination meets the Buffalo Orioles for the state title. Arrangements have been made to accommodate 500 fans from the Salt City who have declared their intention of making the trip to root for the most sensational basketball team that ever has represented Central New York. The personnel of All-Syracuse makes them loom as the next world’s champions. Four of them learned their basketball in the school of Eddie Dollard, veteran member of Syracuse University teams, which always take top rank in the college world. Jim Tormey, former Georgetown captain and center, was one of the most conspicuous figures in the college basketball world five years ago when he piloted his team to the most successful season ever enjoyed by teams representing the institution. The All-Syracuse team has defeated every opponent to date and will come to Buffalo with a record of twelve straight victories, confident of adding the Orioles to the list and firmly establishing themselves at the top of the basketball ladder. The other end of the double header will bring the Fighting Ellwoods and the St. Johns together in what should also be a rattling good contest. Both teams aspire to the heavyweight championship and the winner will meet the Lincolns and Hewitts for the right to meet the Orioles for the title. Reserved seats for the game are on sale at Spalding’s, 611 Main Street. The Oriole lodge members will attend in a body leaving Oriole Hall at 7:30 o’clock. Secretary Vincent A. Plunkett has a block of tickets in the special section set aside for the Oriole members.

Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse To Play Fast Buffalo Five

Locals Oppose Undefeated Oriole Quintet On Thursday Night

Facing the hardest game of the season, members of the All-Syracuse will go through a long practice session tonight at the State Armory court. Thursday night, the locals will line up against the undefeated Orioles of Buffalo at Buffalo. On February 4 the same teams will meet in a return engagement on the Armory Court. A series of contests have been arranged and should it be necessary to play three games, the site of the third contest will be decided on a later date. All-Syracuse has won eleven straight games this season and are confident of giving the Buffalo quintet a stern battle for supremacy when they come together. This series of games will be for the amateur court championship of New York state. Buffalo has not lost a contest this season. They have faced and defeated some of the best amateur court teams in the state. All-Syracuse has a game scheduled with the Easter Brands of Buffalo before they meet the Orioles. The complete record of the All-Syracuse team is as follows:

Syracuse Post Standard- All-Syracuse Quintet To Oppose Orioles For Championship Of State

Highest Ranking Fives Ready For Series To Determine Premier Honors- Easter Brands To Play Local Tomorrow Night

For the first time in the basketball history of Syracuse a team representing this city will compete for the state championship next Thursday night, when the All-Syracuse five meets the Buffalo Orioles at the Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, for the title. Next Thursday’s contest will be the first of a three-game series. Syracuse will stage the second battle at the State Armory on February 4. The All-Syracuse five, winners of eleven straight games, claim the championship of Central and Northern New York and will defend their claim against all contenders. In the series with the Orioles the local champions will meet the greatest team of basket tossers in the country. Throughout the length and breadth of the land the Buffalo combination is recognized as the fastest and smoothest working aggregation playing basketball. In case a third game is necessary in the All-Syracuse-Orioles series the time and place will be settled after the second tilt of the series in this city next week. The Orioles have not been defeated this season. They have been sweeping aside all opposition with uncanny ease. Likewise, the All-Syracuse five has yet to taste the dregs of defeat. The contests in the Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, and the State Armory, Syracuse, will bring together two unbeaten teams, and upon the result will hinge the championship of the Empire State. The only means of comparing the strength of the two teams is furnished by the games with the Buckeyes of Dayton, Oh. The Orioles defeated the westerners, 65 to 19, last Wednesday night, and on Saturday night Captain Jim Tormey and his mates vanquished the Dayton fire by a score of 33 to 11. The Orioles victory was achieved on a small court, where the scores are easy, while the All-Syracuse team triumphed the invaders beneath the heel of defeat on a maximum sized playing surface. All-Syracuse has made a wonderful record since the season opened on December 3. The complete record of the team follows:

  • All-Syracuse 16                  Rochester Kodaks 9
  • All-Syracuse 21                  Fort Plain 11
  • All-Syracuse 30                  Utica State League 9
  • All-Syracuse 34                  Buffalo Fighting Ellwoods 16
  • All-Syracuse 29                  Elmira All-Stars 20
  • All-Syracuse 10                  Ogdensburg 3
  • All-Syracuse 28                  Utica K. of C. 10
  • All-Syracuse 20                  Beechnut Five (Mohawks) 17
  • All-Syracuse 48                  Oneida Community Ltd. 9
  • All-Syracuse 17                  Glen Falls 8
  • All-Syracuse 33                  Buckeyes 11

Tomorrow night at the State Armory the local quintet will meet the Easter Brands of Buffalo, a team which Al Heerdt, manager of the Orioles, ranks as among the four best in Western New York. On Saturday night the All-Syracuse quintet will play the Tuscarora Indians at the State Armory.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats-Pistons Clash At Memorial

Youngsters Get Chance To See Stars; Syracusans Defeat Warriors In Boston

There’s bound to be enough noise in the War Memorial tonight to drown out the cheerleading of Fort Wayne coach Charlie Eckman as he leads his charges against the Syracuse Nationals at 7:15 o’clock. The Zollners have never been a great drawing card in Syracuse, possibly because they never won a game here, but tonight the Nats have offered an inducement for kids under 15 years of age to attend and indications point to a noisy assemblage. Realizing that many youngsters are not afforded an opportunity to stay out for games which usually wind up around 11 P.M., the Nats carded tonight’s fray one hour and 15 minutes early. They also reduced prices on Children’s admissions provided they are accompanied by an adult. The Nats enjoy a 2-1 seasonal edge over the Zollners who finally ended Syracuse’s eight-game mastery with a 69-66 win at Buffalo Tuesday night. The Pistons, 5½ games in front of the Minneapolis Lakers, meet the Nats, while the Boston Celtics, who share the lead with Syracuse, play the Rochester Royals, in the first half of a double-header in Philadelphia. The reeling New York Knickerbockers meet the Philadelphia Warriors in the second game. The Celtics, paced by ace playmaker Bob Cousy and center Easy Ed Macauley, who scored 18 and 22 points, respectively, rallied in the third and fourth periods last night to defeat the Pistons, 98-90 after the Nationals had routed the Warriors, 107-99 in the opener at Boston. Cousy, Don Barksdale and Macauley got the Boston fast-break rolling in high during the third period and zoomed the Celtics 19 points in front before the Pistons were able to retaliate. The Rochester Royals made it two straight on consecutive nights over the Knicks, downing the New Yorkers, 96-94 on Odie Spears’ jump shot with about 20 seconds left in the game. Veteran guard Paul Seymour led the Nats to their triumph, scoring 22 points, but Joe Graboski emerged as the leading point-maker, scoring 33 points in a losing cause for the Warriors.

SYRACUSE: Schayes (7-2-16), Rocha (5-5-15), Farley (5-6-16), Kerr (7-4-18), Lloyd (6-4-16), Seymour (9-4-27), King (2-0-4), Kenville (0-0-0) TOTALS (41-25-107). PHILADELPHIA: Arizin (2-7-11), Graboski (13-7-33), Davis (2-0-4), Johnston (8-4-20), Zawoluk (1-5-7), Murray (3-0-6), George (6-1-13), Hoffman (0-0-0), Finn (2-1-5) TOTALS (37-25-99).

Score at halftime- Philadelphia 54, Syracuse 45.

From Highlighting Sports By Jack Slattery

Jenkins Wants To Be A Nat

A week ago Sunday when the Nats played the Rochester Royals here one of the game’s most interested spectators was Bill Jenkins, former LeMoyne star. Jenkins soon will be released from the Army at Fort Dix and his fondest hope is a professional basketball job with the Nationals. Bill won’t rank as a tall man. But he takes hope in the fact that men like Bobby Wanzer, Bobby Davies, Paul Seymour, George King and Billy Gabor have made the grade despite a height disadvantage. The Nationals-Jenkins interest isn’t one-sided, either. The Nats are high on Billy’s prospects of making the team. And with the departure of Gabor from pro basketball a strong likelihood, Jenkins, a Syracuse product, will have a good chance to play for the Nats.


Utica Daily Press- Nats Lose By 7; Knicks Triumph

New York— Walt Dukes and Gene Shue sparked the Detroit Pistons to a second period scoring splurge that propelled them to a 121-114 victory over the Syracuse Nats last night. Aided by Willie Naulls' 14 points, the New York Knicks came from 12 points behind early in the last quarter and beat the St. Louis Hawks, 123-118, in the second game. Shue and Dukes were the spark plugs for the Pistons throughout. They had ample help from Ed Conlin and Bailey Howell, running up as much a 19-point lead in the third period. But Syracuse, behind 116-98 with about five minutes to play, turned on the steam. Connie Dierking hit five straight points and Al Bianchi, Bob Hopkins and Dick Barnett did their share as the Nationals surged within three at 116-113. Then Shue added three fouls and Conlin two that secured the victory. The Nats led 39-31 early in the second quarter, but Conlin, Dukes and Shue outscored them 12-5 and Coach Dick McGuire added the go-ahead field goal, for a 45-44 lead. They never trailed after that. Shue led scoring with 31 points, Dukes had 27, plus 22 rebounds. Syracuse's George Yardley had 30 points andf Hal Greer 24. Naulls' last quarter performance capped a tremendous comeback by the New Yorkers. The former UCLA star had three three-point plays' to help break the Hawks' lead. The last of these gave the Knicks a 109-108 lead with a little more than five minutes to play. The lead see-sawed back and forth until Clyde Lovellette tied the game at 117-117 with a field goal and foul and only 59 seconds to play. Here, Naulls put the Knicks ahead for good, making good on two free throws and fouled by Bob Pettit with 40 seconds left. Kenny Sears, who scored 30 points the same as Naulls, added two more fouls and the Knicks were in. The New Yorkers led by as much as 27-16 in the first period only to have the fabulous foul shooting of the Hawks wear them down and eventually take the lead at 36-35 Al Ferrari and Johnny McCarthy led a charge that upped the score to 67-55 St. Louis at halftime. The Hawks sank 24 of 24 fouls in the first half and wound up with 33 of 39 for the game. The Knicks also made 31 of 36. Pettit led St. Louis with 28 and Lovellette added 26.

DETROIT: Shue (10-11-31), Howell (8-1-17), Dukes (7-13-27), Noble (3-0-6), Conlin (6-7-19), Lloyd (3-1-7), Dees (2-1-5), McMillon (3-1-7), McGuire (1-0-2) TOTALS (43-35-121). SYRACUSE: Schayes (4-8-16), Yardley (10-10-30), Kerr (5-1-11), Costello (1-0-2), Greer (8-6-24), Barnett (2-1-5), Hopkins (2-0-4), Bianchi (3-2-8), Dierking (5-2-14), Cable (0-0-0) TOTALS (42-30-114).

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