Buffalo Evening News- All-Syracuse Is A Finished Basketball Five

Team Which Plays Orioles For N.Y. State Title Thursday A Great Combination

Central New York will watch with more than usual interest the outcome of the basketball conflict at the Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, next Thursday night when the undefeated All-Syracuse quintet, with a record of 12 straight victories and no defeats meets the famous Buffalo Orioles in the first game of a series for the world’s title. The All-Syracuse team is composed entirely of former college stars. Three members of the team which will oppose the Orioles have captained college quintets and every player has acted in the capacity of coach. No quintet in the country has the same smooth running offense and virtually impregnable defense that marks the work of All-Syracuse. Captain Jim Tormey, a lawyer by profession, is the pivot of the team’s attack and defense. He is a powerful, rangy fellow, towering into the air six feet and one inch and weighing 185 pounds. He is the personification of basketball grace and an exceedingly accurate basket tosser. While Tormey is not the leading point getter, he is regarded as the best defensive center in this section of the country. He was captain and played four years on the Georgetown University quintet. William J. Rafter, who plays at forward, also is a lawyer and holds a responsible position with the H.H. Franklin automobile company. Rafter is a cyclonic player whose speed and accuracy in getting down the court and “tucking” the ball into the net have discouraged many of the greatest players in this section. Rafter is a stocky chap but weighs about 165 pounds. He is an all-around athlete, having made his mark in baseball, football and basketball while at Syracuse University. Rafter was captain of the Syracuse University team in 1916 and played three years at forward on the varsity team. Danny Martin, who plays at forward, is a mechanical engineer. He has had considerable basketball experience and is a fast floor worker and a good basket shooter. He has played but four games with All-Syracuse, but is one of the best point getters on the team. Martin played professional basketball last year with the Pittsfield team of the Interstate League. Wilbur Crisp, guard, has the unique distinction of having been captain of Syracuse University for two successive seasons. He is a great floor worker and most accurate foul shooter playing basketball. While in college he made a better record the McNichol of Penn or Kinney of Yale. He is an electrical engineer by profession. “Fighting” Jim Casey, a sturdy Celt, who plays at guard is the most aggressive member of the team. Casey has allowed opponents but a total of seven field baskets in the 12 games he has played and he is proud of the fact that in none of the games has more than one basket been registered by his opponent. Casey is a draftsman and holds a position with the H.H. Franklin automobile works of Syracuse. The Ellwoods and St. John’s will play one of their city championship games in conjunction with the Syracuse-Oriole contest. Reserved seat for the game were placed on sale at Spaldings, 611 Main Street this morning.


Syracuse Herald American- Biasone To Travel With Nationals

Professional basketball is missing at the Sate Armory this week as the Nats swing into a road trip which keeps them in the Midwest until Tuesday, Feb. 4, when the Detroit Gems make their final appearance of the year here. The Nats, who have suffered losses in their last three starts, have a tough road ahead this week, opening in Moline against Tri-Cities on Tuesday. Thursday the team meets Sheboygan at Sheboygan, Friday, Chicago Gears at Chicago, and Saturday the Oshkosh Al-Stars at Oshkosh. An exhibition game against St. Louis is scheduled in Chicago for Sunday before the team returns home for the Detroit game. A squad of nine men will accompany Coach Benny Borgmann and Owner Dan Biasone on the trip. It will be the first time that Biasone has taken a western jaunt with the team. Tuesday’s game with Tri-Cities will offer the Nats an opportunity to take over sole possession of fourth place which is now occupied by the Tri-City outfit.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nationals And Warriors Meet In Boston Tonight

Boston- The battle for first place in the Eastern Division of the National Basketball Association will be centered in the Boston Gardens here tonight when the Syracuse Nats, loser last night to Fort Wayne for the first time in nine game this season, meets the Philadelphia Warriors while Boston and Fort Wayne clash in the nightcap. The Celts and the Nats are deadlocked for the top spot in the division with 23 victories and 19 losses and a percentage of .548. Syracuse lost to the Pistons, 69-66. Syracuse’s loss was half a double-header in Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium staged before a disappointing crowd of 1,874 fans. In the other game Rochester’s Royals defeated the New York Knickerbockers, 107-104. Frank Brian, former Louisiana State ace in his eighth season of pro basketball, came through with Fort Wayne’s game winning points. With 25 seconds left, Brian caged a free throw to break a 66-all deadlock. Then, the Nats lost possession and Brian scored an easy field goal. Brian led Fort Wayne with 14 points while Adolf Schayes netted 19 for Syracuse. Syracuse started poorly, failing to hit from the field in the first 7:50 seconds of play and trailed 31-27 at the half. Schayes’ hot hand, however, brought them back in the game in the final two periods and the Nats led most of the third and fourth periods. New York, paced by Carl Braun’s 26 points, rallied from a 15-point deficit to carry the Royals to the wire. Two quick baskets by Jim Baechtold at the end just missed pulling the Knickerbockers even. Bobby Wanzer paced Rochester with 25 points while Johnny McMahon had 17 and Art Spoelstra 13. For New York, Ray Felix came through with 18 and Baechtold had 15.

FORT WAYNE: Houbregs (2-1-5), Hutchins (4-2-10), Foust (4-3-11), Meineke (3-3-9), Rosenthal (2-2-6), Phillip (4-3-11), Brian (6-2-14), Zaslofsky (1-1-3), Walther (0-0-0) TOTALS (23-17-69). SYRACUSE: Rocha (3-2-8), Schayes (6-7-19), Kerr (2-1-5), Farley (0-0-0), Lloyd (2-0-4), King (4-3-11), Seymour (4-0-8), Kenville (3-5-11) TOTALS (24-18-66).

Score at halftime- Fort Wayne 31, Syracuse 27.

It Costs Money To ‘Ship’ Nats’ Squad

Travel Expenses $2,600 for 12 Games In 16 Days

A roving salesman has nothing on Syracuse Nationals basketeers who will move over 4,019 miles to play 12 games in 16 days. During that time the Nats’ expenses for travel will be approximately $2,600. There is a minimum charge of 85 cents for a squad for plane travel and an estimated 4.5 cents per mile per man by rail. Added costs are due to plane layovers, hotel bills, and daily allowances to players for meals. The trek started yesterday when the club took a 146-mile train trip to Buffalo for the Fort Wayne game. They then departed by rail 492 miles to Boston, for tonight’s test with Philadelphia. The return trip to Syracuse for tomorrow night’s engagement with Fort Wayne is 348 miles. The club then heads back to Boston to play the Celts Friday. This is a round trip, 264 miles each way by air. After a Sunday game with Philadelphia here, there is a three-day break in the slate. Then the trek begins again in earnest. A flight of 482 miles is scheduled to Fort Wayne Feb 3, with a return air trip to Boston, 733 miles away, due Feb. 4. Again the 264 mile trip to Syracuse follows where the team will switch from plane to automobile for a quick round trip dash of 160 miles to Rochester Feb. 5. On Feb. 6 the team stays home to play Philadelphia. There is a day of rest before the boys head by train 289 miles to New York for a tilt with Boston. The same clubs play in Beantown, another 229 miles the next day, with a return of 348 miles by train to Syracuse for a home game with Minneapolis Feb. 10. Recently the Nats were on a five-day trip to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Grand Forks and home, and cost of the chartered plane trip alone was $3,578. This expense was partially shared by the Lakers who accompanied Syracuse on the excursion.

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