Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse Tossers Oppose Ohio Quintet Here Tonight

All-Syracuse Opposes Fast Ohio Quintet; Local Five Confident Of Winning Over Buckeye Team Here Tonight; Visitors Record Good; Syracuse Will Have Same Line-Up Which Defeated Glens Falls

Claiming the state championship of Ohio, the Buckeyes of Dayton will line up against the All-Syracuse court tossers at 8 o’clock tonight on the State Armory court. Fourteen games have been played by the visitors in their eastern trip and they were forced to taste defeat in only three games. This is the final game of the trip for the Ohioans and they will return to Dayton tonight after their appearance here. Bill Clayton, the center of the team, is one of the tallest men playing basketball today. He measures 6 feet 8½ inches. The team averages 6 feet 2 inches. Manager Crisp is confident that his team will be returned winners over the visitors. Syracuse has scored ten straight victories so far this season winning over some of the best amateur court quintets in Central New York. The teams will line up as follows:

ALL-SYRACUSE- Martin, lf, Rafter, rf, Tormey, c, Casey, lg, Crisp, rg. BUCKEYES: Benson, lf, Cotter, rf, Stocklein, c, W. Clayton, lg, Hirschberg, rg.

Syracuse Journal- Buckeye Giants Tackle Crisp’s Quint Tonight

Ohio Basket Tossers Have Tall Center In Lineup

The All-Suracuse basketball team lines up against a team of big fellows at the Armory tonight when they face Bill Blayton’s Buckeye Giants of Dayton, O. The Middle Westerners are said to have a strong quintet this year and the battle netween Wilbur Crisp’s undefeated aggregation and the visiting huskies ought to prove an interesting one from all angles. Bill Clayton will probably earn the distinction of being the tallest man to play here this winter. According to advance notices the Ohio leader stands 6 feet 8½ inches in his basketball togs, and in comparison with some of the big men in sports is practically head and shoulders above them. From his elevation he can look down upon such persons as Jess Willard, Fred Fulton and many others. The Buckeyes arrived here this morning. According to Clayton, the men are in fine condition for tonight’s game and he predicted that his champions would be the first to humble the local aggregation. His quintet has taken measure of many of the strongest teams in Ohio and a number of other strong Western combinations. All-Syracuse, too, is primed for the clash, which is expected to be one of the hardest of the schedule this year. The same team which humbled the Glens Falls outfit Wednesday night will take the floor against the Buckeyes. Martin, who has taken the place of Schwarzer, causing a shift of Tormey to center, played well Wednesday and is expected to be a hard man to follow tonight. The lineup: ALL-SYRACUSE: Martin, lf, Rafter, rf, Tormey, c, Casey, lg, Crisp, rg. BUCKEYES: Hirschberg, rg, Stocklein, lg, Clayton, c, Cotter, rf, Benson, lf.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Davies Leads Royals Past Nats, 60-53

Refusing to respect the Syracuse Nationals home winning streak, the Rochester Royals invaded the W Jefferson St. Armory and routed the Nats by a 60-53 score before a capacity 3,200 assembly last night. Bob Davies, who doubles as a professional courtman and coach of the undefeated Seton Hall quint, sparked the Rochester team to its ninth straight win with an outstanding exhibition of floor work and shooting. Davies connected for 18 points to pace the scorers. The Syracuse club, off form, never led although on two occasions the locals pulled to within a point of the champions. Fuzzy Levane opened the game’s scoring with a two-pointer for Rochester, and Rizzo made good on a foul in the opening minutes, but then the visitors pulled away to a 18-10 lead at the quarter with Davies leading the way. During the second period Syracuse put on its most determined bid of the game holding the Royals to one basket and two foul tosses to creep up to a 22-20 deficit at half time. As the third period opened both teams missed several shots before Bob Nugent dropped in a foul and once again Syracuse trailed by only one point. Here Davies took a shot from the corner and long John Gee was charged with interfering with the ball as it hit the hoop, and though the ball failed to dent the meshes Rochester was awarded the two points. Rochester began to pull away as Red Holzman, Dolly King and Bob Davies clicked for two pointers while Syracuse was collecting a foul by Gee and a basket by Chaney. At the end of the third heat the Royals held a 37 to 29 margin. From that point on it seemed that nothing Syracuse did went right while Rochester could not miss, and with only four minutes of play remaining the Royals led by a 58-41 score. The Nats then put on a belated rally to come back within seven points as the game ended. Rizzo led the Syracuse scoring with 14 points with Novak contributing 13 to the losing cause while Holzman followed Davies in the Rochester scoring with 14 markers. By an odd coincidence the Nationals League scoring averages show that Rochester has average 61 points per game and Syracuse 53 and that was practically the final score. Rochester will appear here again on March 10. Officiating was criticized by both teams and fans. SYRACUSE: Sharkey, f (0-0-0), Chaney, f (3-1-7), Nelmark, f (2-2-6), Novak, c (5-3-13), Rizzo, g (5-4-14), Gee, g (0-2-2), McCahan, g (0-0-0), Meehan, g (1-3-5), Nugent, g (1-4-6) TOTALS (17-19-53). ROCHESTER: Davies, f (6-6-18), Holzman, f (6-2-14), Johnson, c (0-2-2), Glamack, c (2-0-4), Levane, g (3-2-8), Cervi, g (4-0-8), King, g (2-2-6), Negretti, g (0-0-0) TOTALS (23-14-60).


Syracuse Herald Journal- Knicks Halt Nats’ March At 4 Games

Felix Is Blocker In Memorial Upset

Wally Osterkorn launched reconditioning drills at the Y.M.C.A. today, while Syracuse Nationals teammates anxiously awaited his return to the lineup after bowing to the superior height of the New York Knicks 98-89 last night. Despite the closing-off of a four-game winning streak, the Nats retained first place in the Eastern Division by a half-game over Boston. The Knicks are two games behind Syracuse. Shrewd Joe Lapchick capitalized on lack of depth in the Nats ranks by fielding four tall men at times in beating the outmanned Syracusans. The Knicks have 11 eligible players with two ex-servicemen in uniform while Syracuse dressed but eight. Osterkorn, missing the last 29 games does not expect to play this month. He hopes to resume early in February. The Nats admitted they were unable to solve the defense offered by seven-footer Ray Felix, who practically played a one-man zone as goalie under the Nats bucket. He knocked away at least a half-dozen shots as they headed for the hoop, in addition to smothering the small men who managed to cut under the basket. The Knicks wrapped up the decision with a quick outburst in the fourth period. After the count had been tied for the 10thtime at 69-all the New Yorkers netted 11 points to two in the first three minutes of the final session. Syracuse never could catch up although they closed the gap to four points with 3:33 to play. Then Clifton sank a foul, Gallatin netted four points and Clifton added a bucket as New York clinched the decision. Harry Gallatin sank 10 of 13 shots and added five from the foul line to pace scorers with 25 points. Dolph Schayes had 20. The Knicks made good on 39 of 81 field goal attempts.

NEW YORK: Gallatin (10-5-25), Braun (2-2-6), Clifton (5-6-16), Peterson (0-0-0), Felix (8-3-19), McGuire (1-0-2), Baechtold (8-4-20), Shue (4-0-8), Turner (0-0-0), Hederick (1-0-2) TOTALS (39-20-98). SYRACUSE: Schayes (7-6-20), Rocha (7-2-16), Lloyd (4-0-8), Kerr (4-2-10), Seymour (6-5-17), King (5-0-10), Kenville (2-2-6), Farley (1-0-2) TOTALS (36-17-89).

The Nats have abandoned hope of landing Ed Miller, Boston has refused to allow the Syracusans to deal with Big Ed who is on their negotiation list. Instead the Cervimen will come up with 10 men by reinstating Osterkorn and adding Jim Tucker to the list. Tucker is expected to play Thursday through Sunday games each week after Jan. 31.

Knick mentor, Joe Lapchick, was stunned by a report he would soon be fired. “It’s news to me,” he commented.

After the Nats’ recent rhubarb at Hershey with Philadelphia over the ruling on a 24-second clock expiration play the league has reissued the following bulletin which upholds the Syracuse argument. The rule reads: “If the 24-second buzzer sounds while the ball is in the air, the goal, if made, shall count. If the goal is not made, but the ball hits the rim or a local surface of the backboard, either team can recover the ball with the new count of 24 seconds.”

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