Syracuse Herald Journal- Basketball Champs In Syracuse Tonight

Rochester Royals Face Nationals; Sell Out Is Due At Armory Court

The long delayed appearance of the Rochester Royals basketball team in Syracuse, awaited for two years by basketball enthusiasts, is at hand tonight as the strong royals meet the Syracuse Nationals in a league game before what promises to be a sellout crowd at the Jefferson Street Armory. Rochester is in its second year in the National League, having accomplished the feat of taking the championship during its first year of competition. This season the Royals have been even more impressive, winning 18 of the 22 starts. Syracuse will be protecting a home winning streak which has now reached five straight in tonight’s encounter and hopes to better that record tonight. The Royals are not taking the Syracuse team lightly, however, and have scouted the Nats in the last two games here since the local’s winning streak began to draw attention throughout the league. Four members of the Rochester quint have scored more than 200 points this season led by Al Cervi with 315 for an average of 14.3 points per game. This puts him in second place in the standings. Bob Davies, who divides his time between coaching at Seton Hall and playing for the Royals, has dropped in 205 points in 15 games for the second highest average on the club. Others who have topped the 200 mark and their totals are Bill Holzman and George Glamack with 279 and 213 points respectively. Bach has played in 22 games this season. Dolly King, fifth member of the Royal starting quint, has been the outstanding playmaker on the club in most of its games. King formerly played with the New York Renaissance five. Benny Borgmann is expected to start a combination of Jerry Rizzo and Steve Sharkey at forwards with Mike Novak jumping center, and Chick Meehan and George Nelmark at the guards. Sharkey displaced John Chaney at a forward spot when the latter was ill and since then has earned a regular spot in the lineup. The Nats arrived in Syracuse early this morning after a disastrous road trip which saw them drop games in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, but admitted maybe part of the cause for the losses was the fact that Rochester is the team it has been aspiring to beat. The two teams have played once before this season when the Royals beat Syracuse, 41 to 35, in Rochester. Since that time all personnel on the Syracuse squad with the exception of John Chaney, Jerry Rizzo, Chick Meehan and John Gee is new.


Syracuse Herald American- Nats-Knicks In 8th Meeting Of Season

Syracuse Has Game Margin; Cervi’s Boys Won Pair In N.Y.C.

The New York Knickerbockers, only rival to play the Nats in an overtime game at the War Memorial this season, clash with the Syracusans here again tonight. In a preliminary game under way at 7 o’clock the Rome State School quintet will seek its third victory over Syracuse State School employees. Syracuse has won four straight while regaining the Eastern Division lead, but Boston and New York continue close on their heels in the tight chase. Coach Joe Lapchick rejoined his squad this week after missing four games because of a virus attack and will direct the New York attack tonight. Three members of the winning Eastern All-Star aggregation will be in the Knicks’ starting lineup. Harry Gallatin, Carl Braun and Dick McGuire have been named as starters along with Ray Felix and either Nat Clifton or Jim Baechtold. Herm Heddrick, former Canisius player recently discharged from the U.S. Army, will be making his first appearance here as a Knick. Jack Turner, Gene Shue and Bert Cook round out the visiting squad. Syracuse has a 4-3 edge over the New Yorkers in season play. Two of the Nat triumphs were at the War Memorial and two in New York City. The Knicks won from the Nats in neutral court games at Philadelphia and Boston and also won a game in Madison Square Garden. In the seven frays, Syracuse has totaled 615 points compared to 610 for New York.

Nats Win At Rome; Didn’t Shoot A Foul

Rome- The Syracuse Nationals didn’t step to the free throw line even once here last night as they scored an exhibition 68-47 victory over the Rome Colemans at the new Laurel School gym here. A sellout crowd of 630 fans enjoyed the comedy routines employed by the Syracusans, who were in complete command throughout the tussle. Dolph Schayes was the leading scorer with 12 points. John Kingdeski and Billy Hassett were used by the Nats as they conserved playing time of regulars.

SYRACUSE: Kenville (5-0-10), Seymour (1-0-2), Hassett (3-0-6), Kingdeski (2-0-4), Kerr (4-0-8), Lloyd (1-0-2), Schayes (6-0-12), King (4-0-8), Farley (7-0-14), Rocha (1-0-2) TOTALS (34-0-68). COLEMAN’S: Kahler (3-1-7), McKee (0-0-0), Hiffa (3-0-6), Roman (1-0-2), Kimball (3-3-9), Lubert (3-1-7), Faharty (3-0-6), Utter (2-0-4), Clinton (2-0-4), Corona (0-2-2) TOTALS (20-7-47).


Utica Daily Press- Barnett's Clutch Goals, Give Nats Win, 112-109

Two filed goals by Dick Barnett in the final 30 seconds gave the Syracuse Nats a come from behind, 112-109, victory over the Los Angeles Lakers before 4,260 fans in the Utica Memorial Auditorium yesterday afternoon. It was the Nats' fifth straight and their seventh win in eight starts. The final period was practically a repeat of the New Year's Night contest here when the Nats lost a 126-125 decision to the Cincinnati Royals. The Syracusans roared from behind in both instances, the score was tied six times in the final canto, and this time the Nats had the essentials to bring home the bacon in a thriller. Barnett, the Nats' high scorer with 27 points, made good on 11 of 18 field goal attempts, hitting on four of them in the crucial last period. But as expected, the star of the contest was the fabulous Elgin Baylor who piled up 38 points for the Lakers in the 45 minutes he played, getting 14 field goals in 31 tries and 10 of 11 foul tries. He also led both teams with 18 rebounds and seven assists. Baylor's spectacular shooting and all-around play drew "oohs" and "ahs" all afternoon and gave the Nats all kinds of headaches. Dave Gambee couldn't stop him and the Nats finally slowed the former Seattle All-American down by double teaming. Baylor had 21 the first half as the Lakers led 30-21 at the first quarter and 56-51 at the half, leading 54-47 at one point. It was 84-81 Lakers going into the final period. While Baylor was red hot the first half, hitting on 8 of 14 field goal tries, Dolph Schayes and Johnny Kerr were way off in their shooting. Dolph hit on one out of 10 the first two periods, getting only three points. But he came back strong in the last half, to increase his total to 21 before the game ended. Sharing Nats' scoring honors with Barnett and Schayes was Hal Greer, who contributed 20 points, being successful on 8 of 13 field goal tries. Barnett played for 43 minutes and Schayes 42 while Jerry West, with 42 minutes, and Baylor were the "iron men" for the Lakers who took the lead midway in the first quarter and stayed ahead until Schayes dropped in a long one with 9:43 to go in the fourth to make the score 89-83. From then on in it was seesaw and the crowd loved every minute of it. Jim Krebs and Barnett swapped field goals and then Baylor and Al Bianchi exchanged layups. Schayes and Kerr popped in five fouls and Rudy Larusso one and the Nats led, 96-94. Baylor made it 98-96 and Hundley's two fouls tied it again. Barney Cable went into action for the Nats with a pair of double-deckers and the Syracusans had a four-point lead. Baylor cut the margin down with three points but Swede Halbrook dropped in two fouls and it was 104-101. Baylor made his final field goal with a jump shot with 2:43 to go and Hawkins dropped in a rebound to give the Lakers a 105-104 lead. Baylor fouled Schayes and the Nats were ahead again, 106-105, but Ray Felix changed that by sinking a rebound. Gambee put the Nats ahead by a point with a two-pointer and Jerry West came back with a set from the foul line and the Lakers' led 109-108, with 40 seconds to go. Then Barnett went into action and his two shots and Baylor was kept from scoring in the final seconds. An offensive foul was called on Frank Selvy just before the game ended giving the Nats the ball out of bounds and it was all over. The Nats and Lakers fly yo Los Angeles today for games tomorrow and Wednesday. The game was well handled by Jim Duffy and Dick Sheldon.

LOS ANGELES: Baylor (14-10-38), Felix (3-5-11), Hawkins (1-1-3), Hundley (0-3-3), Krebs (5-4-14), Larusso (4-6-14), Leonard (2-2-6), Selvy (3-1-7), West (6-1-13) TOTALS (38-33-109). SYRACUSE: Barnett (11-5-27), Bianchi (2-0-4), Cable (5-2-12), Costello (1-1-3), Gambee (3-2-8), Greer (8-4-20), Halbrook (2-3-7), Kerr (2-4-8), Roberts (1-0-2), Schayes (4-13-21) TOTALS (39-34-112).

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