Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse Triumphs Over Glens Falls

Local Athletes Win Fast Game On Armory Court, 17 To 8

In one of the best games seen this season on the State Armory court the undefeated All-Syracuse court tossers registered its tenth straight victory Wednesday night when they defeated the fast Glens Falls aggregation, 17 to 8. At halftime the visitors were leading by one point, the score being 7 to 6. Billy Rafter and Manager Wilbur Crisp were the stars of the local five. The former tallied three field goals from difficult angles, while the latter scored two and dropped the ball into the basket the next five times from the foul line mark. Danny Martin, former Syracuse University basketball star, played left forward and though he failed to score any points he was in the game every minute. Syracuse seemed to show much better team work with Martin in the lineup. Jim Tormey played his first game of the season at center for the locals and his pass work was of high caliber. Leonard and Bowe were the stars of the visiting team, each tallying three points, while the other two were made by Moynihan. In the first half the visiting aggregation outplayed the locals under the professional rules, while the Syracuse athletes just walked away from their opponents under the intercollegiate rules. The lineup and summary of the main game:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Martin, lf (0-0-0), Rafter, rf (3-0-6), Tormey, c (1-0-2), Casey, lg (0-0-0), Crisp, rg (2-5-9) TOTALS (6-5-17). GLENS FALLS: Walter, lf (0-0-0), Murray, rf (0-0-0), Leonard, c (1-1-3), Moynihan, lg (1-0-2), Bowe, rg (1-1-3) TOTALS (3-2-8).

Score at halftime- Glens Falls 7, All-Syracuse 6; referee- Steinberg; Timers- Dorsey and Skiddy; scorer- Nolan.

Syracuse Post Standard- All-Syracuse Wins Dazzling Court Contest

Rafter And Crisp Shining Lights Of Brilliant Game; Glens Falls Humbled; Martin And Tormey Show Skill In New Positions On Local Team

Playing spectacular basketball the All-Syracuse quint obtained its tenth straight victory in an exciting game at the State Armory last night defeating the strong Glens Falls quintet by a score of 17-8. Both teams fought desperately throughout the game and the largest crowd of the season witnessed the triumph of Captain Jim Tormey and the rejuvenated All-Syracuse team. Bill Rafter and Wilbur Crisp were the shining lights for the local championship contenders. The former heaved the ball into the net three times for difficult baskets, and the latter compiled a total of nine points, five of which were made from the foul line. With Danny Martin at left forward and Jim Tormey at center All-Syracuse gave a dazzling exhibition of pass work, which completely baffled the visitors in the second period. The first half was played under professional rules and the visitors led at half time by a score of 7 to 4, but in the second half with the intercollegiate code prevailing, the locals outclassed the invaders. While Martin failed to break into the scoring column, his work in his new position was above reproach. Tormey, playing his first game at center and pitted against the fastest man on the visiting team, gave a splendid exhibition. The lineup and summary:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Martin, lg (0-0-0), Rafter, rg (3-0-6), Tormey, c (1-0-2), Casey, lg (0-0-0), Crisp, rg (2-5-9) TOTALS (6-5-17). GLENS FALLS: Walter, lf (0-0-0), Murray, rf (0-0-0), Leonard, c (1-1-3), Moynihan, lg (1-0-2), Bowe, rg (1-1-3) TOTALS (3-2-8).


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats Lose To Kautskys

The Indianapolis Kautskys took a 2 to 1 game lead over Syracuse for the season here last night as Arnold Schaefer found the range and dumped in 22 points to lead the Kautskys to a 57 to 52 triumph in a nip and tuck battle. The score was tied at 23-all at halftime and for the first 10 minutes of the third period the lead surged back and forth before Indianapolis took command. Mike Novak and Arnie Risen engaged in a separate contest and played each other on about even terms with Novak tallying 14 points and Risen 12. Syracuse, due back home for Thursday night’s game with the Rochester Royals, was unable to leave here until late this morning and are scheduled to arrive in Syracuse early Thursday morning. SYRACUSE: Nelmark, f (2-2-6), Rizzo, f (2-1-5), Novak, c (6-2-14), Dugger, c (1-0-2), Meehan, g (5-0-10), Chaney, g (0-0-0), Sharkey, g (3-7-13), McCahan, g (0-0-0), Nugent, g (0-2-2) TOTALS (19-14-52). INDIANAPOLIS: Klier, f (5-1-11), Schaefer, f (10-2-22), Doerner, f (0-0-0), Norris, f (0-2-2), Risen, c (5-2-12), Closs, g (0-0-0), Andres, g (2-1-5), Dietz, g (2-1-5) TOTALS (24-9-57). Score at half-time- Syracuse 23, Indianapolis 23. Free throws missed- Syracuse: Nelmark 2, Rizzo 2, Sharkey; Indianapolis: Schaefer, Risen 4, Doerner 2.


Oswego Palladium Times- Syracuse Nats To Play Exhibition In Mexico Monday

Strong Team Of All-Star Players From County To Face Pros

Featuring the entire roster of tem players, the Syracuse Nationals, second place National Professional Basketball League team, will face a well-organized squad of Oswego county players on the Mexico Academy and Central School gym on Monday night, Jan. 24, under the sponsorship of the Mexico Chamber of Commerce. George Roberts, chairman of the Chamber committee on arrangements, has organized a formidable array of stars from the various teams participating in the Twin County League as well as stars from Oswego and Fulton. In addition to organizing the team, Roberts will also act as coach for the All-Stars. All well-known names to Meixco basketball fans, the Star lineup includes names like big Ed Serley of Central Square who made his reputation by running up 25-30 points per game during his high school career; Bill Roeppel, popular high school coach at the Square and former star under Lew Andreas at Syracuse University, who has considerable professional experience in the New York State League; Bob Coleman, another Square star who is still making a name for himself in prep school basketball; Stan Karboski of Parish who needs no description to local fans, getting his court experience at Cornell when he sparked the Big Red court teams and continuing his deft ball handling as the mainstay of the professional Oswego Pontiacs; John Callahan and Henry Matthison of Pulaski, Callahan another of the Pontiac reliables, and Matthison for two years captain of Oswego State Teachers court aggregation, both members of the Pulaski Legionnaires; Bob Lyons, also of Oswego State, and Stu Howard, one of Dave Powers' stand-outs at Oswego High School and now playing with the Oswego PLAV; Bob Pate of Adams, a hook shot artist from Cortland State, now player-coach of the Adams entry in the Twin County League. In addition to this impressive list, Coach Roberts will feature several of the local Legionnaires, probably Danny Hamer, Ben Burke and Ken Mowry among others. According to Met Palmer, in charge of game arrangements, the game will start at 8:30 following a fast preliminary by two local teams. The attempt will be made to play pro length quarters or 12 minutes each in order to give the fans a full exhibition. Palmer has acquired the services of Larry Russell of Syracuse to officiate. That choice will add to the entertainment of the fans because Russell has a reputation of putting on a great show when he works. President Robert W. Roop of the Chamber has appointed game committee as follows: ticket sellers, Charles Holmes and Charles Glovo, Jr.; collector, Metcalf Palmer; ushers, Fred Kellogg and Robert Roop; programs, George Sachel; timer, E.H. Pierce. The committee has announced that souvenir programs will be available at the gate. They will contain the complete lineups of both teams as well as pictures of the Syracuse stars. Charles Glovo, in charge of advance sale of tickets, has warned fans that there will be only 600 tickets sold as there is a limited capacity in the MACS gym. According to reports, tickets are going fast but still may be purchased at Glovos or from members of the Chamber. The Chamber of Commerce hopes to realize a profit from the game to apply on the indebtedness incurred in purchasing industrial sites on the Scenic highway.

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