Syracuse Herald- Joe Schwarzer Will Play With State Leaguers

All-Syracuse Center Signs With Gloversville- Danny Martin Signed

When the All-Syracuse basketball quintet faces the undefeated Glen Falls five Wednesday night at the State Armory they will be minus the services of Joe Schwarzer, who has been playing center. He has resigned to play with the Gloversville five of the New York State League. It is said that Schwarzer is to receive $50 a game. Manager Crisp announced that Capt. Jim Tormey would play the pivot position for the local athletes, while Danny Martin, former member of the Syracuse University basketball quintet, will replace Tormey at left forward. Martin is an exceptionally clever basketball player. He was a member of the varsity early this season, but was declared ineligible for participating in an unsanctioned contest at Pittsfield, Mass. Martin should prove a tower of strength for the local athletes. He is a clever basket shooter and should score many field goals for the Syracuse aggregation.

Syracuse Journal- Joe Schwarzer Quits Syracuse Basket Tossers

Tormey To Play Center And Martin To Be At Forward

Joe Schwarzer, center on the All-Syracuse basketball team and former Syracuse University star, will play in a Gloversville uniform for the remainder of the season. The speedy pivot man who has been playing a whirlwind game has left the local quintet to accept a flattering offer from the New York State League team. News of the signing of Schwarzer by Gloversville comes as a surprise to the many followers of basketball in the city. It was known that offers had been made to him last week. However, Gloversville had been angling for his services almost since the beginning of the year on account of the fact that his addition to the lineup at center would be a bigger factor in the race for the championship. “Gloversville has made me an offer to play at a higher sum than I am getting in the city,” said Schwarzer today, “and I decided to accept. My first game will be next Wednesday night. The contract I have signed calls for 28 games at $50 a game and traveling expenses, and it was an opportunity that I did not think I could afford to miss.” The departure of Schwarzer will cause a big shakeup in the lineup of All-Syracuse for next Wednesday night when Glens Falls comes here to meet the fast local aggregation of basket tossers. Capt. Jim Tormey, who had been pairing with Billy Rafter at forward, will take Schwarzer’s place at center. The husky leader of the All-Syracuse five is not new at this position, having been pivot man on local teams in previous seasons. Danny Martin, former Hill player, has been added to the team and will play forward, replacing Tormey. Martin is an all-around court man and is expected to fill the big hole in the lineup caused by the absence of Schwarzer. He is a clever guard and a good shot so that the team ought to offer the same strong opposition in the coming games scheduled for the winter. He has already played with the team and both times that he was in the lineup he showed up very well. Manager Crisp stated today that the new combination will be as strong as the old one and expects to put up a hard fight against the Glens Falls invaders. The visitors have an exceptionally strong quintet which ranks with the leading fives in this section of the state and an interesting battle is forecasted. “Although the loss of Schwarzer at this stage of the season comes as a blow to the team,” he said, “we will still give the Syracuse fans a run for their money with the new combination.”

Syracuse Post Standard- Joe Schwarzer To Play With Gloversville Five; Crisp Faces Problems

Jim Tormey Probably Will Play Center And Danny Martin At Forward Against Strong Glens Falls Aggregation

Joe Schwarzer, who has been playing at center on the All-Syracuse quintet, will not be in the lineup when the local champions oppose the Glens Falls quintet at the State Armory next Wednesday night. Schwarzer informed Manager Wilbur Crisp yesterday afternoon he had accepted an offer to play with the Gloversville team of the New York State League and that he would leave for that city next Wednesday morning. Manager Crisp stated that Captain Jim Tormey would jump center and that Danny Martin would play left forward. Schwarzer was third in scoring for All-Syracuse, Rafter and Crisp both having tallied more points than the big blonde pivot. He has played in every game this season and has been a conspicuous factor in the success of the team. “I have been made an offer to play with Gloversville at a substantial increase over the amount I received for my services as a member of the All-Syracuse quintet,” said Schwarzer yesterday. “Gloversville has offered me a contract for twenty eight games at $40 per game and traveling expenses. I do not feel I can afford to miss the chance.” The addition of Martin to the All-Syracuse team will give Crisp’s combination another good point-getter and one of the best move performers in this section of the country. Martin has had a great deal of experience and in the two games he played earlier in the season with All-Syracuse displayed rare ability. He would have been signed at that time but for the fact that Manager Crisp had three other players in addition to the regular members of the team under contract. “Schwarzer had no contract with All-Syracuse and while I regret his departure as a loss to the team, I hope to give Syracuse fans a run for their money with the new combination,” said Crisp last night. “Glens Falls is the strongest team we have met this season and the loss of Schwarzer at this critical stage of the season is a blow as our combination had reached a point where efficiency has become a byword.


Syracuse Herald American- Nats Home Thursday To Play Rochester After Fort Wayne And Indianapolis Tilts

Syracuse’s hopes of moving upward in the National Basketball League standings hinged today on the ability of the team to defeat leading clubs in the Eastern and Western Divisions this week. this afternoon the Nationals are in Fort Wayne playing the Eastern Division second place Fort Wayne Zollners, Tuesday night the team meets Indianapolis floor, and then on Thursday the Syracusans return home for the first appearance here of the National League championship Rochester Royal quintet which is now leading the Eastern Division race. In the only clash of the year between Fort Wayne and Syracuse, the Nationals came out on the long end of a 61-47 score in Syracuse. The Zollners are only two and one-half games ahead of the ambitious Nats and a Syracuse victory this afternoon would narrow that margin by one full game. Indianapolis and Syracuse have met twice this season, both times in Syracuse with the Kautsky’s grabbing a 62-59 decision in the first game and Syracuse retaliating with a 56 to 49 win in the second. Thursday’s appearance of the Royals here is expected to provide Co-owners Dan Biasone and George Mingin with the first sellout crowd of the season, with the possibility that all seats will be sold before the day of the game. The Nats played Rochester in the Kodak City in the fourth game of the season and the Royals captured a 41-31 decision. It was one of the lowest point totals garnered by Rochester this season. Since that time Syracuse has made changes in its player personnel which have greatly strengthened the team. Rochester has been sweeping aside most competition in the loop this year, having won 18 of 22 starts. The odd part of the Royals’ record is that two of its four losses have been suffered at the hands of the Chicago Gears, who rate no better than fifth place in the Western Division. Owner Les Harrison and Coach Ed Malanowicz of the Royals have scouted the Syracuse team in its last two home games and admit that Thursday’s tussle will be a tough one, and add quickly that Syracuse is the most improved club in the circuit. Syracuse fans who watched the team perform against Oshkosh last Thursday night are inclined to agree with them.


Geneva Daily Times- Mike Novak Leads Syracuse Nats Into Armory Tomorrow

Rizzo And Meehan In National Cast Against Utica Pics

Big Mike Novak, the six-foot-nine- inch giant who has been roaming unmolested in the National Basketball League for two years, will spearhead the Syracuse Nationals into the Geneva Armory tomorrow night in the second in a series of popular pro cage exhibitions. The Nationals square off with the Utica Pics, 1947 New York State League champions, at 8:30 tomorrow night. The Geneva Raiders, sponsors of the series, have announced a new seating arrangement for the Armory court, permitting several hundred additional seats. Geneva fans will be watching Novak with new interest after the skyscraping pivot held George Mikan, Minneapolis scoring leader, to five baskets Saturday night, 24 hours before Mikan broke the league point record with 41 against the Rochester Royals last night. The Nationals flattened the Lakers, 71-56, just before the Lakers overpowered the Royals, 75-73, at Rochester. Novak pumped in 27 points against the Royals in the last meeting between the two clubs. Syracyuse shelled out a record cash outlay of $5,000 to purchase him from Sheboygan Redskins last year, and the big sharpshooter paid dividends on the investment by sparking the Nationals into the playoffs last spring. With Ben Maley, the strong silent man of the Pics, playing opposite him, Novak may have his hands full tomorrow night. Maley broke loose from Rochester's Andy Duncan in the pivot time after time in the recent Royals-Pics fracas here. Rounding out the Utica cast will be Johnny Isaacs, the brilliant colored performer who was ousted on fouls early in Rochester contest, Stan Waxman, workhourse from St. Francis, Jimmy Joyce and Ben Wybernac, all six-footers. Utica held the Royals to a 43-43 deadlock at the 30-minute mark before succumbing to Rochester's late assault. The Uticans, are coached by Bobby Synnott, former National League standout. Jerry Rizzo, Novak's pint sized running mate, will also be a center of attention in the Syracuse cast tomorrow night, as will Chick Meehan, John "Brooms" Abramovic, Jimmy Homer, George Nelmark, Eddie Oram, Bob Kitterman and John Chaney. Meehan and Chaney have been on the sick list but will be in harness for the Geneva appearance. An attractive preliminary between the Nester Hose and Margrove's of the Geneva City league is on tap for the preliminary.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Cervi’s East Hoopmen Win Star Contest

Sharman, Schayes Share Spotlight

Al Cervi’s coaching record with the National Basketball Asoociation All-Stars remains unblemished following the East’s 100-91 victory over the West in the annual classic at New York’s Madison Square Garden last night. Bill Sharman of Boston was voted the most valuable player after his 11-point spurt in the final period, but West coach Charley Eckman and player Vern Mikkelsen gave Dolph Schayes credit for providing the Easterners with the necessary spark for victory. Eckman admitted his club missed too many easy shots and added: “it seemed every time we missed Schayes was there to get the ball.” Mikkelsen commented: “I’ve never seen Dolph play harder. He was responsible for our loss.” The East has now won four of the five loop All-Star frays. Rochester will be host in its new auditorium for the 1956 contest. Schayes took over the composite box score rebound leadership. He was credited with 13 retrieves which gives him a four-game total of 52, one more than Mikan. It had been expected that most of the game records would be shattered, but uncertain passwork kept the score from soaring. Neither the East’s total nor the two-team score equaled that of the initial game in 1952. Cousy cracked the only mark when he ran his aggregate assist total to 33. Fancy Bob’s 20 points ran his total to 72, which is six below George Mikan’s accumulation. It also game him scoring honors. Ed Macauley had an opportunity to catch Mikan, but he is now tied with Cousy at 72, after one of his poorest demonstrations in getting but six points. It was a thrill-packed contest for the 13,148 fans up until the final minutes, when the East assumed complete command. Before Harry Gallatin’s foul point broke a 74-74 tie, the count had been knotted nine times, and the East had led on 12 occasions and the West 13.

WEST: Pollard (7-3-17), Coleman (2-2-6), Yardley (4-3-11), Pettit (3-2-8), Foust (3-1-7), Mikkelsen (7-2-16), Phillip (3-0-6), Selvy (2-3-7), Wanzer (3-2-8), Martin (2-1-5) TOTALS (26-19-91). EAST: Schayes (6-3-15), Braun (4-0-8), Gallatin (4-5-13), Arizin (4-1-9), Macauley (1-4-6), Cousy (7-6-20), Sherman (5-5-15), Seymour (3-2-8), McGuire (1-1-3) TOTALS (36-28-100).

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