Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse Tossers Humbles Oneida Five In Easy Style

All-Syracuse Wins Easily From O.C.L; Locals Add Another Triumph To Long List Of Victories- Score 48 To 9; Billy Rafter Stars; Former Orange Athlete Scores 18 Points

The undefeated All-Syracuse basketball team triumphed in a one sided game from the Oneida Community Limited five at the State Armory Saturday night by the score of 48 to 9. Even with the big score the local basket tossers played professional rules in which the visitors were supposed to excel. The pass work of the Syracuse five was near perfect and the accurate shooting of Rafter accounted for the local’s big score. Rafter starred in the first half throwing seven baskets from the field to which he added two more in the second half. Half of Rafter’s baskets were made after excellent pass work across the entire field by his teammates. The entire Syracuse team, with the exception of Tormey, had baskets to their credit in the first half and in the second half Tormey came back strong shooting four. In this period Schwarzer threw five, one being a sensational one-hand throw from the sidelines. There were very few fouls called. Both teams played exceptionally clean ball. Larkin, center for the visitors, played the most consistently for Oneida. He scored two of Oneida’s three field goals. During the entire game seven fouls were called on the All-Syracuse team, while only three were called on the visitors. Summary:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Tormey, lf (4-0-8), Rafter, rf (9-0-18), Schwarzer, c (6-2-14), Crisp, rg (1-0-2), Casey, lg (3-0-6) TOTALS (23-2-48). O.C.L.: Keating, lf (1-0-2), White, rf (1-0-2), Larkin, c (2-0-4), Carroll, rg (0-1-1), Sanderson, lg (0-0-0) TOTALS (4-1-9).

Glens Falls Five To Play All-Syracuse

Visitors Have Won Eighteen Straight Games This Season; Play At the Armory; Fast Amateur Quintets Will Come Together Wednesday Night

The Glens Falls basketball team, winner of 18 straight games this season, will invade Syracuse Wednesday night in an effort to break the winning streak of Wilbur Crisp’s All-Syracuse quintet. The visiting team for years has been recognized among the strongest independent aggregations in the state and has a record of 87 victories against 16 defeats in a period of five years play. The team played only nine games last season and those were staged with a patched up line, Waiters and Rowe, its strong pair of guards, being with the American army in Europe. This season Glens Falls has defeated practically every independent club in the eastern section of the state and won one game from the Mohawk team of the New York State league and two from the Amsterdam leagues. These are the only games it has played to date with league quintets. Coming to Syracuse, Glens Falls will be forced to take the same handicap that has proved too much for Mohawk, playing under the name of the Beechnuts of Canajoharie, and other strong clubs to swing. It is a professional basketball club and as such plays the rules adopted by professionals throughout the country in leagues and independently. The Syracuse management, answering what it sincerely believes to be a popular demand from its patrons who become interested in the game chiefly as spectators at Syracuse University, has established amateur rules as the governing principles of court play here. Glens Falls men do not know the amateur style of play and as a result, they will be under the same handicap as to the calling of fouls that Mohawk and other teams suffered. The Glens Falls boys are hopeful that Manager Crisp will meet them half way in the problem of solving this handicap and play one of the two halves of the game under professional rules. He granted this courtesy to the Utica league team when it appeared here and they feel they are entitled to the same consideration. They argue that this will be little, if any, concession on the part of Syracuse, claiming that Tormey, Rafter and Schwarzer have all played professional ruled basketball in years gone by and that Crisp also has had some experience in the game.

Syracuse Post Standard- Champion Quintets To Meet Local Contenders

All-Syracuse To Play Leading Court Teams In Next Four Weeks; Manager Crisp Books Strong Attractions For Local Aggregation-Series With World’s Champions Arranged

With a record of nine straight victories the All-Syracuse team enters the second stage of the 1919-1920 basket tossing season facing a strenuous campaign of contests against some of the strongest basketball teams in the country. Manager Wilbur Crisp stated last night that he had arranged to schedule 4 games for the next month that will give the All-Syracuse quintet the sure test and decide whether or not the team is of championship caliber. Next Wednesday night at the State Armory the formidable Glens Galls team, winners of fifteen straight games, will oppose the locals. The Glens Falls combination is regarded as one of the strongest in the state and should give All-Syracuse a battle long to be remembered by the fans. Next Saturday night the famous Buckeye Giants of Dayton, O., champions of Ohio, will oppose the local aggregation. The Buckeyes have been sweeping everything before them to date, and in their invasion of eastern territory seek to annex the court championship. On Wednesday, January 21, the Cortland Sodality five probably will oppose All-Syracuse at the Armory. A game has been arranged tentatively. The following night in Buffalo, Captain Jim Tormey and his mates are scheduled to play the Buffalo Orioles, world’s champions, in the opening game of a series for the state title. The Tuscarora Indians, a team composed of former Carlisle school stars, will be the opponents of All-Syracuse at the Armory on January 31, and on February 4 the Orioles, formerly the Buffalo Germans, will be the attractions in this city in the second game of the interstate series. Manager Crisp also is negotiating with the Centrals of Rochester, the Paterson Crescents, leaders of the Interstate League, the Alcos of Dunkirk, the Hewitts, Easter Brands and Lincolns of Buffalo, the Pittsfield quintet, the Flake Bed Tops and many other teams of note. A game has been booked for later in the season with the All-Detroit team of which Lew Castle, former varsity star, is a member.

Local Fives Win Easily From Oneida Ltd. Teams

Completely outclassing the Oneida Community Ltd. quintet, the All-Syracuse five added another triumph to its season’s record by defeating the visitors to 9 last night on the State Armory court. A crowd of more than 1,200 witnessed the game. Starting out with a rush the All-Syracuse basket tossers quickly gained a comfortable lead on their opponents and by the end of the first half had increased it to 28 to 7. Rafter’s shooting of seven field baskets featured the opening session. Schwarzer came into the limelight in the final period, distinguishing himself by counting five field baskets and one foul goal. The locals found the Oneida aggregation the easiest of any that has faced Captain Tormey’s basket tossers to date, and the invaders were practically helpless before the baffling team play of the Syracusans.

ALL-SYRACUSE: Tormey, lf (4-0-8), Rafter, rf (9-0-18), Schwarzer, c (6-2-14), Crisp, rg (1-0-2), Casey, lg (3-0-6) TOTALS (23-2-48). O.C.L.: Keating, lf (1-0-2), White, rf (1-0-2), Larkin, c (2-0-4), Carroll, rg (0-1-1), Sanderson, lg (0-0-0) TOTALS (4-1-9). 


Geneva Daily Times- Syracuse Nats To Show Wares In Geneva Tomorrow Night

Cervi, Gabor, Peterson Lead National Leaguers In Armory Cage Feature

Al CerviBilly "The Bullet" GaborEd "Stretch" PetersonDolph SchayesJim HomerJohnny ChaneyHank O'Keeffe—These are the headliners who have suddenly taken Syracuse Coliseum basketball fans by storm with their flashy ballhandling in the revamped National League. The Syracuse Nationals, coached by the shifty Cervi, will be in Geneva's Armory tomorrow night at 8:45 to meet Ted Thoren's College All Stars in the court highlight of the season. Dollar-fifty seats in the reserved section and dollar general admission ducats are available at three locations before the game—Harman's, Michael's Esso and the Armory office. The rest will go on sale at the door tomorrow night. By rights this dazzler should be a sell-out but Geneva's sports fans so far have not shown overexertion in scrambling into the Armory for professional basketball, so there should be plenty of seats for all. The classy Nationals have been waging a tense duel with the Anderson Packers for first place in the Eastern Division of the NBL. They are currently in second place just a short skip behind the powerful Packers. With such nationally-known sharpshooters as Cervi, Schayes, Gabor, Peterson, Homer, Chaney, Johnny Macknowski and O'Keeffe, the Nats pack power, height and speed. Peterson, former Cornell pivot, tops the tall boys at 6-foot-9 and 220 pounds, followed closely by Schayes at 6-foot-7 and 210. Schayes was a former All-American at NYU and like Peterson is playing his first year of pro ball. Homer at 6-5, O'Keeffe at 6-3 and Chaney at 6-3 are far from midgets themselves. Homer is a product of Alabama University, O'Keeffe starred for Canisius and CHaney mover into the pro ranks from Louisiana State. This will mark the second trip to Geneva for most of the Nationals, who blistered the Utica Pics of the State League one night last winter. For Peterson, Gabor and Schayes it will be their first invasion of the Finger Lakes. Gabor in four years of college ball at Syracuse University set a new all-time Orange scoring record with 1,334 points, breaking the previous mark held by Bob Shaddock, now of the Geneva All-Stars. The All-Stars, tripped up in their last two outings in the Armory, will be bolstered by the return of Big Bob Wurtenberg, the hefty ex-Seton Hall mastodon who caught the fancy of Geneva fans during the holidays. Wurtenberg stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 220 pounds, and is remarkably light on his feet. He has rammed in double-bracket scoring totals from his deadly pivot hook shots, and should give Schayes and Peterson a busy evening. Backing up Wurtenberg will be popular Jim Hercinger, plus Dick Ferguson, Shaddock, Lou Vastola, Mike McKillop, Jim Coleman and thos two ex-Cornall backcourt stalwarts, Ed Hodapp and Billy Arrison. The Geneva Brooks will play the Cornell Sportsmen, a quintet drawn from the Big Red's 1948 Ivy League football champions, in the preliminary at 7:30.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats In Fort Wayne; Indianapolis Is Next

The Syracuse Nationals professional basketball team, idle last night, moved up into a fourth place tie in the eastern division standings as the Tri-City squad had been leading them by one-half game dropped a 53 to 30 decision to the Chicago Gears. This morning the Syracuse team of eight men and Coach Benny Borgmann, along with Business Manager George Mingin, departed for Fort Wayne where they engage the Zollners tomorrow afternoon in the first of two road games. Tuesday night the team will be in Indianapolis to meet the Western Division leading Kautsky team before returning home for Thursday night’s game with Rochester. Borgmann, obviously pleased over the results of his team’s showing Thursday night against Oshkosh, was jubilant as the squad boarded the train and said he hoped for an even break on the road trip, but would be gunning for both games. He was loud in his praise of the players, pointing out that they had filled their jobs to perfection in the Oshkosh game and that no one player could be singled out as a star for all played together as a team. “I believe that exhibition tour through the East about a week ago put the club into its best playing condition of the year and from now on Syracuse will be a tough club to beat,” Borgmann added just before train departure.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Cervi Leads East All-Star Basketeers Again

2 Syracuse Performers Open Fray; Seymour, Schayes Play Tonight

For the first time in the history of the annual court classic, Syracuse will have two players in the starting lineup as the East faces West in the National Basketball Association All-Star game here tonight. Al Cervi, East coach for the second time, has named Paul Seymour and Dolph Schayes in the opening lineup. Each has played in previous games, but it marks the first time both have started. A sellout gathering of 18,000 is predicted for Madison Square Garden. Charley Eckamn, former official now mentor at Fort Wayne, is western mentor. It marks the first time in five-year history of the game that John Kundla has not directed the west. In the four previous contests the West tallied but one victory, winning 79-75 at Fort Wayne two years ago. The first two played at Boston, were won by the East 111-94 and 108-81. Last year the East won 98-93 in overtime after George Mikan knotted the score with two foul tosses after regulation time expired. Joe Lapchick coached the East in all but the second game in which Cervi was play director. This marks the second straight year the game has been played in New York. The East squad is ranked as a three-point favorite. Starting with Seymour and Schayes, Cervi will have Bob Cousy and Ed Mccauley of Boston and Harry Gallatin of New York. Eckman has named three of his Zollners, Larry Foust, Andy Phillip and George Yardley to the opening lineup along with Bob Wanzer of Rochester and Jim Pollard of Minneapolis. Macauley, Schayes, Pollard and Wanzer were starters last year. West reserves consist of Bob Pettit and Frank Selvy, Milwaukee; Vern Mikkelsen and Slater Martin, Minneapolis and Arnie Risen, Rochester. East reserves are: Neil Johnston and Paul Arizin, Philadelphia; Bill Sharman, Boston; Carl Braun and Dick McGuire, New York.

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