Syracuse Herald- Beechnut Five Beaten In Hard Fought Battle

All-Syracuse Wins, 20 To 17- Collegiate Rules Save Game

The unbroken string of victories of the All-Syracuse basketball team remains intact, the local athletes having added another scalp to their belts Wednesday night when they took the Beechnuts of Canajoharie into camp by a score of 20 to 17. But it was the collegiate rules rather than superior skill that saved the day for the Syracusans. The visiting team scored seven field goals while Syracuse was able to count only five. But the visiting team resorted to the discontinuous dribble, a foul in collegiate rules but a legitimate play in the professional leagues, and they were penalized by having fouls called. As a result twenty-three fouls were called on the visitors and twelve on the home team, a total of thirty-five for the game, an average of almost one a minute. Crisp shot the fouls for Syracuse and tallied on ten of his twenty-three shots. But the visitors stuck to the league idea of having the man on whom a foul declared committed shoot the free trial. As a result Noll, generally considered the best foul shot in the New York State League, took only four shots. He tallied on two of them. Alberding took five shots and made a single point. Dowd shot twice and Schuler once without scoring. Murnane, against whom Tormey played a remarkably clean game, did not have a shot. Wilbur Crisp was the star of the game. Twice when the visitors were in the lead he came through with pretty field goals that started the All-Syracusans off with renewed life. The first half was fast and furious ending with the score 6 to 5 favoring the visitors. The visitors made their points on field goals by Murnane and Noll and Noll’s two foul points. Crisp tallied all of the Syracuse points with a field goal and three fouls. Starting the second half three fouls in rapid succession were called on the visitors and Crisp sent each try into the net for a point. The visiting players sulked and pouted about the floor for the next five minutes and when they woke up Crisp, Rafter and Schwarzer had scored from the floor and the score was 14 to 6. The Beechnuts rallied gamely but the lead was too big. Noll and Schwarzer had a merry time at center, bringing football and even a few wrestling rules into play at times. Noll was threatened with expulsion by the referee. The score follows:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Rafter, lf (2-0-4), Tormey, rf (0-0-0), Schwarzer, c, (1-0-2), Crisp, lg (2-10-14), Casey, rg (0-0-0) TOTALS (5-10-20). BEECHNUT FIVE: Alberdine, lf (0-2-2), Schuler, rf (3-0-6), Nolls, c (2-1-5), Murnane, lg (1-0-2), Dowd, rg (1-0-2) TOTALS (7-3-17).

Score at halftime- Beechnut five 6, All-Syracuse 5. Refree- Steinberg. Timer- Dorsey. Scorer- Nolan. Time of halves- 20 minutes.

Syracuse Post Standard- Crisp’s Five Triumphs Over Beechnut Basketeers

All-Syracuse Quintet Wins Stormy Battle; Beechnut Five Defeated, 20 To 17, In Thrilling Court Struggle; Visitors Lead First; Invaders Hold Supremacy In Opening Session

In one of the most sensational basketball battles ever witnessed on a local court the All-Syracuse quintet last night won a 20 to 17 victory over the formidable Beechnut five of Canajoharie on the State Armory floor. A crowd of 1,600 spectators, who witnessed the hotly waged struggle, was kept at high tension throughout, the final result remaining in doubt until the last moment of play. During the opening period the opposing players strove grimly for supremacy, both fives playing a close guarding game. When the whistle for half time sounded the Beechnut aggregation had obtained a scant 8 to 6 lead. With Syracuse cohorts wildly cheering for the locals to “come back,” Captain Tormey led his teammates into the fray in the second period determined to wrest victory from the leaders. Manager Wilbur Crisp, the star left guard of the local five, proved the hero of the hour, when he “pulled the game out of the fire” with his field basket and foul shooting early in the final stanza. The Syracusans never relinquished the advantage thus gained and from that point to the close of the contest led their opponents by a tight margin. The invaders, however, constantly threatened and the battle was nip and tuck to the final whistle. Besides Crisp, Schwarzer and Rafter were in the limelight for All-Syracuse. The individual battle between Schwarzer and Nolls, the crack pivot of the visiting team, was one of the features of the game. In this the Syracusans had a shade of the better of the argument. Schuler, the flashy left forward of the Beechnut aggregation and well-known state league star, was a constant menace, and his three field baskets in the final period all but turned the tide in favor of the invaders. On Saturday night the All-Syracuse team will meet the fast Oneida Community, Ltd., quintet, and another stern test for Manager Crisp’s charges is expected. The summary:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Rafter, lf (2-0-4), Tormey, rf (0-0-0), Schwarzer, c, (1-0-2), Crisp, lg (2-10-14), Casey, rg (0-0-0) TOTALS (5-10-20). BEECHNUT FIVE: Alberdine, lf (0-2-2), Schuler, rf (3-0-6), Nolls, c (2-1-5), Murnane, lg (1-0-2), Dowd, rg (1-0-2) TOTALS (7-3-17).


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats Due For Bitter Court Duel

One more long drill this afternoon at the State Armory is in store for the Syracuse Nationals basketball team as it makes ready for the invasion of the second place Oshkosh quint tomorrow night. Coach Benny Borgmann and his charges have drill intensively this week in hopes of gaining partial revenge for a 74 to 43 defeat pinned on the local club in the first meeting of the two teams at Oshkosh. Since that game Syracuse has improved by leaps and bounds and has won its last four starts at home in league contests. The team defeated Detroit, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Anderson in its last home games and is confidently anticipating a win tomorrow night. With no collegiate games scheduled here this week the Nationals are expected to play before the largest pro crowd of the season at the State Armory. Leading the invaders will be forward Eddie Riska who captained Notre Dame at an invasion of Syracuse in the 1930’s. He spent considerable time in the Navy and rejoined the All-Stars last November. Oshkosh is in second place in the western division standings and seems assured of a playoff space at the end of the season. This year’s squad has become known as the “pro team with the college spirit” for its offensive tactics.

From Skidding The Sports Field With the Orange away, the Syracuse basketball spotlight shifts to Danny Biasone, Ben Borgmann and their nationals, pro basketeers, who take on Oshkosh at the Armory Thursday night. With an attack built up around big Mike Novak, Borgmann’s pupils have been playing highly satisfactory ball the last three weeks and are becoming a well respected club in the National League. Biasone’s great ambition right now is to lift his team into fourth position where it can qualify for the late season eliminations and his players, feeling satisfaction because of recent victories, assure him that second, not fourth place, is their goal. The Rochester Royals got away to such a flying start in the Eastern Division that the Syracusans now admit there isn’t a chance to overtake them but they refuse to make any such concession to the other four clubs of the division. They are ahead of Youngstown and close on the heels of the former Buffalo club which now plays for Tri Cities. Oshkosh, Thursday’s foe, is making his first appearance of the season in Syracuse. It is in the second place in the Western Division of the league and is one of the best clubs in the circuit, with the spark plug being Eddie Riska. If you have forgotten Riska let your mind go back a few seasons to a Syracuse- Notre Dame clash. Syracuse was leading by three points with 50 seconds to go. Riska caged a long one. Don Risley blew a foul on Syracuse. Riska shot the point and tied the score, sending the game into overtime. In overtime, Riska shot two field goals, Notre Dame won by one point. If you go to Orange games, you attended that one. If you go to pro games, you’ll be there tomorrow night. You’ll recognize Riska. He doesn’t run with that same reckless speed these days, but he’s in there trying all the time and his shooting eye, both from the foul line and the open floor, is as keen as ever. The Nationals today are a far different team than the one of early season which took a 31-point lacing in Oshkosh. They have an even chance of winning.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nationals Playing In Lenox, Mass.

The tired and shorthanded Syracuse Nationals basketball team fulfill an earlier exhibition commitment tonight when they face the Lenox Merchants in the Massachusetts city. Coach Al Cervi, realizing that his squad is in need of rest has volunteered to don a uniform and play. Billy Hassett, former NBA and Notre Dame star, who now works the 24-second clock at local games also volunteered his services. Both may see limited duty. Following the exhibition of the Nats return home. Tomorrow night they entertain the Rochester Royals in a War Memorial contest.

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