Syracuse Journal- Beechnut Five Will Play Here

The lineup: ALL-SYRACUSE: Tormey, rf, Rafter, lf, Schwarzer, c, Crisp, lg, Casey, rg. BEECHNUT FIVE: Murnane, lg, Alberding, rg, Bolls, c, Schuler, rf, Dowd, lg.

The All-Syracuse basketball team will meet the Beechnut Five of Canajoharie on the State Armory court tonight. The game promises to be a hard one for the local aggregation, which, it is expected, will have to go the limit to win. Neither of the teams has lost a game this season, All-Syracuse having captured every one of the seven battles so far this winter. Dr. Paul Steinberg will officiate as referee in the main contest and will also handle the preliminary game between the Holy Rosary and Belcur teams.

Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse Five Meets Strong Beechnut Team Here Tonight

All-Syracuse Meets Strong Five Tonight; Beechnut Quintet Plays Crisp’s Men On New York State Armory Court; Visitors Are Strong; Local Athletes Face Stern Opponent In Canajoharie Quintet

Basketball fans will have an opportunity to witness one of the best games of the season tonight when the undefeated All-Syracuse court tossers clash with the Beechnut quintet of Canajoharie on the court at the New York State Armory. Having won every game this season, the All-Syracuse five are confident that they will triumph over the visitors when they come together. For the last week the locals have been practicing hard and a game is assured tonight. It is said the Beechnuts are represented with an exceptionally strong quintet and to expect to administer the first defeat of the season to the local athletes when they clash. This is one of the strongest teams that has faced the local aggregation this season. Manager Crisp anticipates a stern struggle and has primed his men for the contest. He will send his men through a long workout and stated today that he expects his men to be returned the winners. The lineup:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Tormey, rf, Rafter, lf, Schwarzer, c, Crisp, lg, Casey, rg. BEECHNUTS: Schuler, rf, Dowd, lf, Nolls, c, Murnane, lg, Alberdine, rg.

Syracuse Post Standard- Beechnut Five Will Be Hard Team To Beat

All-Syracuse Quintet Faces Acid Test In Duel With Invaders; Stars With Visitors; Two Unbeaten Aggregations Will Strive For Laurels In Tonight’s Game

One of the strongest basketball teams that ever appeared in Syracuse will oppose the All-Syracuse quintet at the State Armory tonight when the famous Beechnut five of Canajoharie meets the local combination. In the lineup of the invaders will be found five stars of the first magnitude, and it is expected they will give Captain Jim Tormey and his mates their sternest test of the season. With a record of seven straight victories, the All-Syracuse team isprimed for the fray. Manager Wilbur Crisp stated last night that every member of the team was in superb condition and confident of winning the game. “I realize that the Beechnut team is the strongest we have met, but I have faith that we will not be on the short end of the score when the final whistle blows,” declared Crisp last night. “In Nolls, Murnane, Dowd, Alberding and Schuler the visitors have an exceedingly hard team to beat.” The Beechnut team has not lost a game this season. One of their greatest achievements was the defeat handed the fast Centrals of Rochester on the latter’s court. Two weeks ago the Canajoharie quintet overcame the Centrals by a score of 28 to 7. The Centrals have the reputation of being one of the best teams in New York State. Tonight’s game will start promptly at 8:45 o’clock. A preliminary game between the Holy Rosary and Belcur quintets will start at 7:30 o’clock. Dr. Paul Steinberg will handle the main game game and the teams will take the floor as follows:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Tormey, rf, Rafter, lf, Schwarzer, c, Crisp, lg, Casey, rg. BEECHNUT FIVE: Schuler, rf, Dowd, lf, Nolls, c, Murnane, lg, Alberding, rg.

Next Saturday night the All-Syracuse five will meet the Oneida Community team, which is coached by Jack Fox, the former State League star. The game will be played at the State Armory.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Jerry Rizzo Still High In Scoring

Jerry Rizzo continues to lead scorers of the Syracuse Nationals pro basketball team in league games despite the fact that his point total has fallen off in recent games since he has been the target of top defensive play of opponents. In 19 games Rizzo has averaged 11.16 points per contest for a total of 212 points. He has scored 66 baskets and 80 fouls in attaining this total. The only other member of the Nats who has participated in all 19 starts is John Chaney, whose point accumulation is now 137, or an average of 7.21 per game. Big Mike Novak, who devoted himself mainly to setting up plays from the pivot spot in his first games with the club, has been finding the range recently and has moved into fourth place in the average production of the club, with 62 points in eight games. The Nationals, riding high on the throes of a four-game home winning streak, run into tough opposition Thursday night at the Armory, when the Oshkosh All-Stars provide the action. Oshkosh gave Syracuse its most decisive beating of the year in Wisconsin, winning by a 74 to 43 margin. Coach Benny Borgmann of the Nats believes the club is now functioning well enough to turn the table on Oshkosh.


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats Seek Help After Ending Court Slump

Pistons Are Humbled

Now that the club has shaken a mid-season slump, evidenced by the 100-83 triumph over Fort Wayne, Syracuse Nats officials today cast about for help to relieve a manpower situation. President Dan Biasone and Coach Al Cervi will meet with JJim Tucker in Hershey Wednesday in an effort to persuade the star to join pro ranks for the balance of the season. He was signed to a contract in late November, but was not to report until after completing his career at Duquesne University. He is not playing for the school, his eligibility having been used up. With Connie Simmons apparently lost for the season the Nats are down to eight men. Bill Gabor and Wally Osterkorn are unlikely to rejoin the squad and the team physician has advised Simmons to quit basketball rather than risk further injury with a spinal disc location. Temporary relief has been offered for tomorrow night’s exhibition game at Lenox, Mass., with Billy Hassett and Al Cervi ready to don livery for the exhibition. They definitely will not compete in loop games. One bright ray is the return to form of George King. He was credited with nine assists and 11 points as the Nats fast break functioned for the first time in several starts against the Zollners. The Nats remain two percentage points behind the Boston Celtics who downed New York in Philadelphia. In defeating Fort Wayne for the third straight time this season, Syracuse hit on 47 percent of its field tries with 39 baskets on 82 attempts. A turnout of 2,572 saw the Nats break out of a 9-9 tie after six minutes on two baskets by Earl Lloyd and another pair by Dolph Schayes along with a foul point by George King to take an 18-9 advantage. The Zollners never threatened again. Six of the eight Syracusans were in double figures paced by Red Rocha who tossed in a basket for his 19th point and the Nats 100th just one second before the final horn. He played only 27 minutes. Charlie Eckman’s squad was also down to eight men. Bob Walther left the team after learning that his three-month-old son had died suddenly. Don Meineke’s sister suffered a cerebral hemorrhage Wednesday and he was given time to visit her at Dayton where she is reported in critical condition. Maurice Podoloff, N.B.A. president, who witnessed the game, did not realize fines had been levied by officials in the apparently smooth-moving game. Dolph Schayes and George King were irate over the action. King was fined $15 for remarking: “How many steps can I take?” when Brian appeared to be walking. A $20 levy was charged to Schayes for complaining he was fouled on a layup attempt. The game was played over ice. Spectators were comfortable but players complained of cold air. Seymour and Rocha didn’t realize ice was under the flooring when they asked Coach Cervi to get some heat in the building.

SYRACUSE: Schayes (5-5-15), Rocha (8-3-19), Lloyd (6-1-13), Kerr (6-3-15), Seymour (6-3-15), King (4-3-11), Kenville (2-3-7), Farley (2-1-5) TOTALS (39-22-100). FORT WAYNE: Hutchins (3-1-7), Yardley (4-4-12), Rosenthal (3-1-7), Foust (5-2-12), Houbregs (6-2-14), Phillip (4-4-12), Zaslofsky (3-6-12), Brian (3-1-7) TOTALS (31-21-83).

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