Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse Easily Beats Utica Team

Knights Of Columbus Five Suffers First Defeat Of Season, 28 to 10; Billy Rafter Stars; Former Orange Player And Manager Wilbur Crisp Led In Points

All-Syracuse walked away from the Knights of Columbus basketball team of Utica at the Armory Saturday night. The score was 28 to 10. The local five excelled in all departments of the game, and never during either half did the homesters have to extend themselves in making points. The Knights, with Murphy and Roberts, veteran players of the late Oswego champion team, were able only once in the first half to toss the ball into the basket. In this half the visitors were constantly on the defensive. In the same half the local team piled up a total of 20 points, which included eight baskets from the field and four fouls, the latter shot by Crisp. In the second half the visitors made three field goals and Roberts shot a basket on a foul. In this half the Utica team played more of an offensive game and Roberts and Gilmore, a substitute missed several near shots. All-Syracuse in this half made three field goals and Crisp shot two more fouls. At no time in this half did the local five extend themselves. After two substitutes were made by Syracuse, Utica tried to stage a comeback but their plays and passes were continually broken up. Rafter shone for the local five scoring two field goals in each half. One in the last few minutes of play of the first half he executed from the side line and at a difficult angle. For Utica, the playing of Roberts at left guard and Kellmurray at left forward stood out. Kellmurray especially shone in working the ball several times through the Syracuse team only to miss at his pass at the basket. The summary:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Tormey, lf (2-0-4), Rafter, rf (4-0-8), Schwarzer, c (1-0-2), Casey, rg (1-0-2), Crisp, lg (3-6-12), Simons, lg (0-0-0), Trupin, rf (0-0-0) TOTALS (11-6-28). K. OF C.: Kellmurray, lf (1-0-2), Cahill, rf (1-0-2), Power, c (1-0-2), Marion, c (1-0-2), Murphy, rg (0-0-0), Roberts, lg (0-0-0), Wurz, lg (0-2-2) TOTALS (4-2-10).


Syracuse Herald Journal- Nats Score At Cohoes

The Syracuse Nationals basketball team called upon its regulars for second half duty last night and came from behind to defeat the Cohoes basketeers, 68 to 57, before a crowd of about 2,000 fans in an exhibition tilt.

SYRACUSE: Nugent, lf (2-0-4), Rizzo (3-2-8), Sharkey, rf (10-0-20), Nelmark (3-1-7), Dugger, c (0-0-0), Novak (9-1-19), McCahan (1-0-2), Chaney, rg (1-2-4) TOTALS (30-8-68). COHOES: Moskowski, lf (4-3-11), Grossman, rf (9-1-19), Shaddock, c (0-0-0), Cooney (1-1-3), Silvers, lg (0-1-1), Bishop (4-4-12), Blumenthal, rg (1-0-2), Kapust (4-1-9) TOTALS (23-11-57).

Score at half time- Cohoes 32, Syracuse 23. Officials- Mooney and Miranda.

From Skidding The Sports Field Novak About The Best Basketball Center Mike Novak of the Syracuse Nationals comes pretty close to being the best center in the National Basketball League, probably the best center in American basketball today. The lanky Syracusan drew continued plaudits from Les Harrison, boss of the Rochester Royals, Thursday as he featured the play of Benny Borgmann’s men in defeating the Anderson Packers. Dolly King, Negro ace of the Royals, was in party of Rochesterians, scouting the Nats and Packers, and he was the only man inclined to give Harrison an argument when he nominated Novak as the No. 1 man in the center position today. King was inclined to think Risen the Indianapolis Kautskys capable of holding Novak to a standstill. King admitted he was surprised by several bursts of speed which Novak turned on during the contest and said it was the best game he had ever seen Novak play. “He’s smooth, always calm and collected, and as good a man on a pivot play, or shooting from the pivot play, as any man in basketball today,” King said. “But that confounded Risen is the best man following up a missed shot I have ever seen. He gets a world of points for his team that way and he is a tough guy taking the ball off the back board after his opponents’ shots.” Harrison’s great enthusiasm for the Syracuse cause was genuine, but it was admitted as purely business. “A National League team in Syracuse that flourishes is the greatest asset Rochester can have,” he maintained. Harrison maintains that Syracuse has made great progress in its first year in the league and has the foundation for a team that can finish rather well this year and fortify itself during the summer and early fall months for contention all the way next year. “Put Syracuse in there fighting all the way and it will mean a great season for the Nationals and it will help our season.” Harrison, a promoter, is making basketball history in Rochester. Rochester has been without newspapers for the last two months, due to labor difficulties, yet in those same weeks, without publication of scores, league standing and the like, every game in Rochester has been a sell-out, in advance for the pros, and the University of Rochester has had four sellouts for games. The building used by the Rochester pros has a capacity of 3,900 persons.


Cortland Standard- Syracuse Nats Coming Here Tonight To Play Holy Name Five At Cortland High Gym

Tonight at 9 o'clock the Holy Name basketball team will play the Syracuse Nats of the National Basketball League at the Cortland High School. The preliminary at 7:30 will be between Cortland Moose and the McLean Vets in a Tri-County league game. Officials for the main game will be Al and CHarlie Tesori. Doors of the high school gymnasium will be open at 6:45. Starting fo rthe Nats will probably be Al Cervi, coach and forward, Bullet Billy Gabor at the other forward, Dolph Schayes at center; Macnowski and Jim Homer at guards. Reserves will include Hank O'Keeffe, Seymour, Ed Peterson, John Chaney and Yesawich. Coach Deke McEvoy will probably start the following for Holy Name: Harry Rapenske and Dick Ferguson at forwards; Kane, center; John Moiseichik and Jim Hercinger, guards. Collins, Tuthill, Rush, Haskell, Gaspard and Corcoran will make up the reserves. Holy Name will return to Central New York League play Friday night in a game with Tipperary Hill Legion of Syracuse at St. Mary's gym at 8:30. Saturday night the Saints travel to Homer for the first game to decide the county "championships" with the Homer legion. Sunday night the Holy Namers return to their home court to play a league game with the Pastime A.C. of Syracuse, and on January 19, the Saints will play the Original House of David team at Cortland High School.


Utica Daily Press- Nats Turn Back Hawks By 12 As Greer And Gambee Star

Syracuse—The Syracuse Nats, paced by Hal Greer's 36 points and Dave Gambee's 30, defeated the St. Louis Hawks, 134-122, in a National Basketball Asoociation game last night. St. Louis led for most of the first quarter before Syracuse took over the lead for the first time, 25-23, with 3:04 left. From then on, Syracuse was never headed. The Nats pulled away in the second quarter, developing a 23 point lead, 67-44, late in the quarter and left the floor at halftime leading 72-54. Early in the fourth stanza the Nats went dry and with 6:36 left, St. Louis pulled to within 10 points 114-104. But led by Gambee, Greer and Lee Shaffer the Nats widened their lead again and stayed safely ahead. For St. Louis, Bob Pettit was high with 36 points. Barney Cable came through with 27. The victory was the fourth in a row and seventh in the last eight games for Syracuse.

ST. LOUIS: Pettit (16-4-36), Foust (4-3-11), Hagan (3-3-9), Hatton (1-4-6), Sims (5-0-10), Cable (11-5-27), Ferrari (3-1-7), LaCour (1-0-2), McMillon (7-0-14) TOTALS (51-20-122). SYRACUSE: Gambee (9-12-30), Shaffer (10-1-21), Halbrook (1-0-2), Greer (15-6-36), Bianchi (3-0-6), Kerr (4-1-9), Graboski (3-4-10), Neumann (4-4-12), Roberts (4-0-8) TOTALS (53-28-134).

Attendance- 1,742.

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