Auburn Citizen- Jim Tormey Will Bring Team Here

Minus the services of Wilbur Crisp, the famous All-Syracuse basketball team will journey to Auburn next Saturday evening to try conclusions with the clever Owasco Canoe Club five. Known as Tormey’s All-Stars, the following players will be in the lineup: Capt. Jim Tormey, Jim Casey, Billy Rafter and Johnny Simons. This is the lineup which Captain Jim Tormey claims he will bring along in articles of agreement drawn up with the O.C.C. management for the coming battle which will undoubtedly provide a fitting close for the local season. It is just this lineup that will make local fandom sit up and take notice and will prove a magnet to draw the season’s biggest crowd. As the close followers of the great indoor pastime will perceive the men mentioned by Tormey are regular All-Syracuse players and wore the uniforms of that organization until the split several days ago. It was this same team that Tormey took to Rochester last Saturday night and trimmed the Centrals. The Auburn enthusiasts have been clamoring to see Tormey, Casey and Rafter in action here with the result that they will be given a big reception and one adverse to the one handed Crisp in Tuesday night’s battle. Negotiations are pending whereby Art Powell of Buffalo will again handle the reigns of referee. Powell made a big hit with the local fans.

Oswego Palladium- Syracuse Fans Amused

Over The Fight In All-Syracuse Basketball Squad

The Syracuse basketball fans look upon the discharge of Jim Tormey, Billy Rafter and Jim Casey, from the All-Syracuse team by Wilbur Crisp, as the biggest joke of the season, and enjoyed a big laugh when the announcement was made. The All-Syracuse team has been doing considerable barnstorming, during the past month, picking up some easy money. In all of its games during the season the three discharged men have been practically the entire team, and have been instrumental in the fine record it made. It is said that the big three of the Syracuse team were givenm their walking papers because Crisp refused to go to Rochester with the team to play the Centrals, while the team went along without him and won by a score of 13 to 11. When the announcement was made that the team was to play in Auburn Tuesday night, Crisp also announced the services of the big three were no longer required. The rumpus probably means the end of the combination that has been known as the All-Syracuse team and while the team may again be organized it will never again have the same lineup, it is believed. Crisp, it is believed, will have to fade from the game.

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