Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse Wins Another From Centrals

Simons, Subbing For Crisp, Stars With Two Field Goals

With Crisp and Barsha out of the lineup the All-Syracuse basketball team defeated the Centrals here tonight by a score of 13 to 11. Walser and Simons, who substituted for them, were the stars, accounting for 11 of All-Syracuse’s points. Simons made two field goals and Walser got seven foul points.

ALL-SYRACUSE: Rafter, rf (1-0-2), Simons, lf (2-0-4), Tormey, c (0-0-0), Walser, lg (0-7-7), Casey, rg (0-0-0) TOTALS (3-7-13). CENTRALS: Cohen, rf (1-0-2), Friedman, lf (1-0-2), Messinger, c (0-0-0), Murphy, lg (0-3-3), Topel, lg (0-0-0), Schaft, rg (0-2-2) TOTALS (3-5-11).

Score at halftime- All-Syracuse 7, Rochester 6; Referee- Powell; Umpire- Haughton.

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