Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse Plays Tonight In Rochester

Local Basketball Team May Be Without Services Of Rafter In Game

The All-Syracuse basketball team tonight will attempt to repeat its feat of last week by defeating the Rochester Centrals on the Rochester court. All-Syracuse won the verdict last week by a score of 11 to 10, an overtime period being necessary to decide the count. It appeared questionable this afternoon as to whether Rafter, main scoring dependency of the local team, would be able to play in the game. Rafter’s eye was cut badly in Thursday night’s game here. If he does not play the All-Syracuse offense will be materially weakened and it would seem that the locals have little or no chance for victory. Joe Schwarzer of Syracuse is scheduled to play at center for the Centrals.

Syracuse Journal- Syracuse Five Plays Central Team Tonight

Crisp Not To Be In Lineup In The Game In Rochester

The lineup: SYRACUSE: Rafter, lf, Casey, rf, Tormey, c, Barsha, lg, Martin, Dexter, rg. CENTRALS: Murphy, rg, Schaft, lg, Messinger, c, Cohen, rf, Friedman, lf. Referee- Powell. Umpire- Houghton.

Forty-two hard games in a season is a considerable task for any basketball team, but that is what the Centrals will have accomplished when they meet the crack Syracuse quint tonight at the Armory. The Salt City boys have an edge on the local champions for the season, but victory tonight for the Purple and Gold will give Murphy’s boys an even break in our games. Wilbur Crisp, manager of the Syracuse outfit, notified Jack Nieman, the Central pilot, yesterday that he would be obliged to make several changes in his lineup, but Nieman refused to accept such an arrangement. As the result of the considerable telephone conversations with Crisp and Jim Tormey, captain of the Syracuse five, the Central New Yorkers are coming in force, with the exception of Crisp.

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