Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse In Last Local Game Tonight

Crisp’s Men To Meet Strong Bausch & Lomb Team Of Rochester

The All-Syracuse basketball team will play its last local game of the season tonight when it meets the crack Bausch & Lomb aggregation of Rochester on the Armory court. The Bausch & Lomb team Tuesday night defeated the Buffalo Orioles in the third and deciding game of a series between the two clubs, and Rochester fans are now hailing the Bausch & Lomb aggregation as the best in their city. The game at the Armory tonight will be in the nature of a benefit for the players of the All-Syracuse team. The players have been under contract and paid at a stipulated rate all season, but the management, which had a remarkably season decided to show its appreciation of the work of the men by staging this game and turning over the entire proceeds to them to be divided evenly among all men who have played 19 games or more. The Rochester team will line up tonight with Tichner and Horn as forwards; Clark, center; Angel and Green as guards. All-Syracuse will present Rafter and Crisp in the forward positions, Tormey at center, Barsha and Casey, guards.

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