Albany Times Union- Nats Down Lakers

Syracuse, April 20—The Syracuse Nationals stayed in the final playoff series for the National Basketball Association championship by defeating the Minneapolis Lakers tonight, 83 to 76. The result left Minneapolis ahead in the best-of-seven game series, three games to two. A big second period, during which they scored 26 points while the Lakers were being held to eight, gave the Nats a 38 to 24 lead at halftime.They boosted their lead to as much as 20 points before a Laker flurry in the last two minutes cut deeply into that lead. George Mikan led the Lakers with 28 points and Vern Mikkelsen hit for 17. They were the only Lakers in double figures as Jim Pollard was limited by Paul Seymour to two fielders for a six-point total. Dolph Schayes led the Nats' attack with 19 points, while Seymour and Bill Gabor got 12 apiece and Al Cervi netted 10. The sixth game of the series will be played in Minneapolis Sunday night. A crowd of 9,024 saw tonight's game.

SYRACUSE: Gabor (4-4-12), Cervi (4-2-10), Macknowski (5-2-12), Ratkovicz (1-1-3), Hannum (4-0-8), Peterson (1-2-4), Seymour (4-4-12), Levane (0-0-0), Schayes (6-7-19), Chollet (1-0-2), Corley (0-1-1) TOTALS (30-23-83). MINNEAPOLIS: Pollard (2-2-6), Schaefer (0-0-0), Mikkelsen (6-5-17), Carlson (4-0-8), Mikan (9-10-28), Hassett (1-0-2), Ferrin (1-1-3), Grant (3-2-8), Martin (0-1-1), Harrison (1-1-3) TOTALS (27-22-76).

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