Syracuse Herald- All-Syracuse A Winner By 11 To 10 Score

Local Basketball Team Defeats Rochester In Overtime Period

In the greatest game of basketball that Rochester fans have witnessed in several years, All-Syracuse Saturday night defeated the Centrals of Rochester, by a score of 11 to 10 on the Armory court. Syracuse won through a spurt early in the game. The Salt City men led at the end of the first half by a count of 7 to 3. Rochester rallied gamely in the closing period and a field goal by Messinger in the last minute of the second half tied the score at 10 points each. An overtime period of five minutes was played, during which Crisp, on a foul shot, tallied the only count. This point gave Syracuse its victory. Barsha was the star of the game, holding Joe Schwarzer scoreless. The Syracuse collegian outplayed Schwarzer from the start and did not give him a single shot from a point advantage. Casey, paired with Barsha at guard, also played a strong game, netting one goal himself and holding his opponent scoreless. The summary of the game follows:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Crisp, rf(1-5-7), Rafter, lf (1-0-2), Tormey, c (0-0-0), Barsha, lg (0-0-0), Casey, rg (1-0-2) TOTALS (3-5-11). CENTRALS: Schwarzer, rf (0-0-0), Cohen, rf (0-0-0), Friedman, lf (0-0-0), Messinger, c (1-0-2), Murphy, rg (1-6-8), Schaft, lg (0-0-0) TOTALS (2-6-10).

Summary: Fouls called on All-Syracuse 10; Rochester 9. Score at halftime- All-Syracuse 7, Rochester 3; at the end of second period, All-Syracuse 10, Rochester 10. Referee- A.B. Powell, University of Buffalo.

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