Syracuse Herald- Centrals And All-Syracuse Meet Tonight

Fast Quintets Will Play Third Game In Rochester

Lively doing are promised tonight in Rochester when the Centrals will meet All-Syracuse in the third and deciding game of a series. The Salt City basketeers did not cover themselves with glory when they appeared in Rochester early in the season, but they more than made up for this defeat by the thorough way in which they whipped the Centrals here. Changes have been made in both teams since that game and tonight’s battle should be a whirlwind affair. Johnny Barsha, famous Syracuse University athlete, has been added to the All-Syracuse squad for this game and will appear at one of the guard positions. The Centrals may be without the services of Ike Cohen this evening as the clever little forward was ill yesterday. Cohan was the leading spirit in the attack of the Centrals when they defeated Syracuse and his absence will not improve the chances of the Centrals. In case Cohen is unable to play, Joe Schwarzer will be moved to a forward and Messinger will play center for Rochester.

Syracuse Journal- All-Syracuse Is Ready For Central Game

Schwarzer To Play With Rochester Against Former Teammates

The lineup: CENTRALS- Friedman, lf, Cohen, rf, Schwarzer, Messinger, c, Schaft, lg, Murphy, rg. SYRACUSE: Casey, rg, Barsha, Martin, lf, Tormey, c, Crisp, rf, Rafter, lf.

Rochester, April 17- Johnny Murphy’s Centrals will wind up a hard week by tackling All-Syracuse tonight on the Armory Court. This will be the third game of the season between these teams, with one victory to the credit of each. The Salt City outfit is made up of a bunch of former college stars and Wilbur Crisp has added Johnny Barsha, the Orange celebrity, to his team for this game. When All-Syracuse was here earlier in the season, the Centrals showed up the visitors’ guards, especially Crisp, but the attack of the Purple and Gold has not been notably ferocious lately and locals may lack power to penetrate the opposing forces in tonight’s game. Aside from the interest in the outcome, fans are concerned with the battle between Joe Schwarzer and his former pals. Joe has been doing valiant work since he joined the Centrals, but he promises to break loose like a skyrocket tonight in an effort to get back at Crisp for a jolt he received at Syracuse. Ike Cohen, who was the scoring star in the former contest with the Syracuse team, may not be able to play because of illness. In case Cohen does not start, Schwarzer probably will play a forward and Messinger will jump center.

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