Syracuse Post Standard- Record Crowd Will See Big Basketball Battle Tonight

All-Syracuse To Play Strong Rival Quintet On State Armory Floor; Local Contenders Hope To Achieve Victory Over Glens Falls, Winner Of Seventeen Games- Tormey Will Hold Down The Pivotal Berth

Facing the most formidable basketball foe they have met this season the undefeated All-Syracuse combination will meet the Glens Falls five at the State Armory tonight determined to add another victory to the long list already achieved. In preparation for the game the players held a long workout last night and the pass work and basket tossing of the local championship contenders was of a high order. The Glens Falls team has won seventeen games since the season opened defeating such aggregations as Mohawk, Amsterdam and Cohoes of the New York State League, Hudson, Saratoga, Independence of Troy, Elms of Albany, Oswego, Heavees of Cohoes, St. Michaels of Schenectady and others. The quintet has been playing together for the past four years and is regarded as the fastest in the eastern section of New York State. Manager Wilbur Crisp of the All-Syracuse team last night admitted that the visitors loomed as the greatest team that has appeared on a Syracuse court in several years. He said, however, that the locals would be ready to give them the battle of the season and hoped to win. Captain Jim Tormey will play at center and Danny Martin, signed Monday by Manager Crisp, will play at left forward. Clever Billy Rafter, leading point getter, will be seen in action at the other forward position and Crisp and Jim Casey will hold down the defensive positions. Indications point to the largest crowd that has witnessed a basketball game in Syracuse this season. The demand for reservations has far exceeded that of any previous game played by All-Syracuse and arrangements have been made to handle a record attendance. The teams will line up as follows:

ALL-SYRACUSE: Martin, lf, Rafter, rf, Tormey (Capt.), c, Casey, rg, Crisp, lg. GLENS FALLS: Murray, lf, Moynihan, rf, Leonard, c, Howe, rg, Walters, lg.

Troy Daily Times- Schwarzer At Gloversville

Joe Schwarzer, who has been playing at center on the All-Syracuse quintet, will not be in the lineup when the local champions oppose the Glens Falls five at the State Armory tonight. Schwarzer informed Manager Wilbur Crisp yesterday that he had accepted an offer to play with the Gloversville team of the New York State League and that he would leave for that city today. Manager Crisp stated that Capt. Jim Tormey would jump center and that Danny Martin would play left forward. Schwarzer was third in scoring for All-Syracuse. “Bill” Rafter and Crisp both tallied more points than the big blonde pivot. The All-Syracuse team is trying to arrange an exhibition game with the Troy State League five.